Monday, June 28, 2010

Singapore Food Part 2: Din Tai Fung + Tonkichi

This post is because the awesome (awesome) Singapore food cannot be detailed in one (super long) photoblog and deserves a second one!

On Wednesday of the Singapore week, PV was kind enough to meet with me for dinner. It was good timing for me since Wednesday was the last official work day. It awesome timing to start the "fun" part of my Singapore time that night.

Din Tai Fung
Paolo and I met by Paragon Mall along Orchard Road at around 9. His work stuff got a little in the way so we had to meet up a little later than planned. The thing was, most restaurants were closed by that time. We tried our luck two floors down Paragon and headed to Din Tai Fung. Apparently, this restaurant is one of his and his friends' favorite weekend haunt for awesome awesome dimsum.

Din Tai Fung is a casual dining place with patrons ranging from families to groups of friends to couples out for simple dinner. The place isn't fancy, no fireworks. You have wooden chairs and tables, no mood lighting, everything practical and utilitarian. You just know that the people really troop to here to sample the really awesome food.

Din Tai Fung, Paragon Mall | Orchard Road, Singapore
Photo credit: Taste Buds to Share

Thursday, June 24, 2010

There’s only so much waiting a person can endure until they start thinking that maybe nothing exciting will ever happen to them. Like, EVER.
Waiting for you, Susane Colasant

Monday, June 21, 2010

Singapore Food Part I: Sheraton Towers Buffet + Taste Paradise at Ion Orchard

My recent Singapore trip was for work. We flew to attend a business conference to report the goings on in the Philippine distributorship. We didn't really didn't have time for R&R, except for the day we spent at Resorts World Sentosa (Photoblog soon!) BUT I'd have to say I enjoyed the trip because of the food!

Man, were we drowning in food! It was good food day in and day out, and yeah, no complaints from my end. Well, maybe except for the extra flab still hanging around in my tummy area. But seriously, the food was a blast! With the wonderful (and might I add, new, at least for me) flavors and colors, it was foodie heaven!

Sheraton Towers Lunch Buffet
Tuesday was our first working day in Sg. We had a full day lined up and I was crazy nerve-wracked for my report. Lunch was a welcome treat. My first "real" (I am not counting my bread and coffee brekkie from CBTL) meal for the Sg trip at the lunch buffet at the Sheraton Towers.

The Dining Room, Sheraton Towers, Scotts Road, Singapore
Photo credit:

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