Monday, March 14, 2011

Things I Lift In Prayer

I am one with the rest of the world in prayer for the tragedy that befell Japan. It is indeed very sad to hear of the damage it has wreaked all over the country caused by the nightmare 8.9 magnitude earthquake and the horrendous tsunami. I would think the vivid photos and the videos all over the news and the internet do little to approximate the horror of being unfortunate to experience it.

My heart goes out to the families who lost their houses and belongings, more so to those that lost loved ones. My heart also goes out to people everywhere in the world who have friends and loved ones in Japan and who had to go through the pain of locating them and asking whether they are dead or alive. My heart also goes out to those who are still currently trying to find ways and means to contact Japan.

I, too, am going through my own personal turmoil, although definitely not as great and as grave, as these very unfortunate incidents in Japan. Not to be insensitive to the grief and sorrow of those in Japan, but I just feel like I feel the gloom, not just on the outside -- from the news on  Japan, but also inside, with my own personal woes. As a matter of personal conviction though, I feel it a little inconsiderate to rant about my small issues in the midst of this great tragedy that many people, not just in Japan but all over the world, have to soldier through.

I offer a moment of silence for the pain, the agony, the horror, the trauma and the loss of these poor people. May God bless you with enough grace for the days ahead and the tenacity to move forward from this. I hope my small prayer of request be one with the rest of other prayers for Japan. May the Father find favor in these prayers and bless those we pray for.

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