Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Random Thoughts and Secret Things

Photo credit: PostSecret
Many Sundays Ago
I'm so scared that I will never find the place that feels like home. I've had this postcard in my "Interesting Junk" folder for pretty long time. I saved it from many PostSecret Sundays ago. Some days feel exactly like this.

Wall Street Saturday and the Safe Place
Wall Street was bad. And I think I speak for a large chunk of the movie-going public. I watched cos my Mum wanted to see it and well,  Shia was there. Looking past the unnecessary jargon overload (a comment I lifted from the J. Zafra's review here) and the thin storyline, what struck me the most was this exchange between Jake (Shia LaBeouf) and Winnie (Carrey Mulligan).

Winnie (which I though was an awful name if you're not a yellow bear whose other name is Pooh) had a blow up after finding out that Jake was making decisions behind her back. Her words were, we were supposed to make each other feel safe.

Chuck Tuesday and Home
After my disappointing Chuck preem (which I think has so much to do with Blanche overselling the preem thru a text that read, SOBRANG HINDI UNDERWHELMING) I thought Season 4 episode 2 redeemed the show for me. In confidence (secret lang) I teared up in the Chuck and Sarah closing scene. Sarah's line will  stay with me a long time, You are my home, Chuck.

Secret Thoughts Monday
The staple is always to find someone who 'gets' you, shares your 'things' and happily happens to be cute and/or hot. I've always described my ideal finding 'the one' as discovering 'home' and finding a relationship you can call your  'safe place'. The Wall Street line and the Chuck line unexpectedly brought to the surface feelings that have lay dormant a while now. And yeah, sometimes the feeling is kind of that, a quiet fear that what if I don't find find that 'place' that feels like home?

Friday, October 01, 2010

My Favorite Girls

I was skimming through Yahoo! earlier when I found from the fluffy section with stuff on love, life, and how to lose weight, this article on what they call, essential friendships. Not the best place to get life advise from a site called Shine! at Yahoo where the fonts are fluffy and Shine is written in pretty purple ink. Surprisingly, behind all that fluff is a lot of sense.

You can never go wrong with awesome women :)

Photo Credit: "8 Friends Every Woman Needs"

The article is called "8 Friends Every Woman Needs". And while you have every right to doubt the credibility of this article as the title reeks of  cheesy self-help, surprise surprise, it actually is a sensible piece of life advise. In all fairness, this is some pretty valuable insight hiding behind that fluffy purple font. And I can't believe how many times I used the word "fluffy" already, I guess I got the point across. Haha. You can never have enough strong women of substance in your life. This is me sending out love and happy thoughts to my favorite women.

I'm writing the list here as a reminder to me of the women I hold dear, as a piece of shared internet shiz to you, and as a token of gratitude for the women in my life who do make my life better and more meaningful :) Just when you thought the cheese would be conveniently brought to you by that website called Shine, I pull a fast one on you and lovingly bring you gooey, mushy love on an easy Friday night :p
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