Tuesday, October 25, 2011

And...She's Alive!

Hello readers of this blog, old and new! Kid's alive! Hello hello :)

Haven't been here in a while and I miss this little tiny corner of the interweb dedicated to all things uh, me. Man, I miss writing! I have all these random stories in my head I am itching to write about but, I'm pulling out the oldest blogger's excuse, "I never find the time."

Also, they put up a firewall in the office internet so since, there have been no random blog posts at 9 in the morning. Too bad for me... but good news for my company I guess? Haha.

This is just me a dropping a line, sending a message to this side of the interweb to say that, "Hey, I'm still alive!" For the 3 people that read the blog, I will still be writing. So yay, I guess :p

Well, "life kinda happened", so my online storytelling sessions had to take a little breather. Willl be back soon!  This blog will see stories over the long weekend :)

Ciao for now. Good night!
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