Monday, January 12, 2009

Drop and Give me 50!

*(A little background story, I started the new year by rocking the stable boat that is my sweet permanent job. More on how my professional decision was turned into an emotional preference on a later post.One more thing, I am rewriting a scratch paper scribble from Saturday -- which means "yesterday" is Friday.)

Yesterday wasn't a good day. I am being given a pseudo-cold treatment and being slowly eased out from the system (understandably, i guess), and my heart is breaking from having happy conversations with people who I have no balls to break the news to. Plus overstretched hamstrings on my right leg are giving me a weird limp. It's an emotional cloudy day and the limp isn't helping. I just knew it was a bad day when even in Combat class, right smack in front of the instructor I have been drooling over for the longest time, the gloomy feeling doesn't go away.

On a totally different note, even in the midst of my sad day, some hot instructor
doing really hot tricep push ups made me smile -- the same one teaching the Combat class, whom I have been drooling over since the day I saw him teach, who oddly looks like my crush from grade 2, and who, sadly, is attracted to boys too. While I was also rejoicing the fact that I am now able to actually do a push up (err, not really -- a half push up, more like it, but yay! still because that is biiiigg improvement from my not-push up three months ago), someone else doing push ups made my day. Is it odd and is it just me? Men doing push ups are just sexy :) Or maybe it makes men look really strong and very much in control. Whichever way it works my psychology, men doing push ups are a way to brighten a sad day :P

Excuse me while I wipe off drool. I'm sorry but the thought of combat boy doing his set is enough to make me smile writing about it. Til next Friday R :P

Friday, January 02, 2009

Happy stories to start the new year :)

Turning over a new leaf emotions-wise, this entry marks my saying goodbye to brooding and sad. 2008 has seen my lifetime quota of sad stories, rants, and whiny-slash-needy versions of myself, so say hello to a happier version of writing. (I just heard the first Boo! from Friendcess and today, I choose to look away. Haha!)

Holiday Loot
Show off me couldn't resist bragging my new "toys". I call them my Holiday loot :) Cheap boxing gear - white hand wraps and a badass kusot punching bag. I'll save some Robitusin in my medicine stash, might need it after I get all the saw dust into my lungs. Hehe.

Forgive the photos. The kiddie excitement got the better of me. Never leave a kid with new toys alone with a self-timer camera. Hehe.

(I can totally see the "huh?" look on your face, Friendcess. I shall explain. You Should thank me, this post has given you a lot of airtime!)

Let's back up a bit. About 3 months ago, I said to myself, "Life feels boring. I wake up in the morning, punch in at 8 in the office, slave away for 8 hours, and then go home to perennially arguing parents, watch bad TV, and then hit the sack feeling like tomorrow's going to be just like today. Ooh, why don't I join a gym?" The rant on the template days are true, but I also wanted to lose weight. Hehe. So I walked into a gym that's a 5-minute walk from the office, played gullible kid to the "sales associate" who explained how if I join that day I'll get to save so much than if I postpone it to next day. Then she started mentioning savings in the area of over ten thousand and I just had to give in. Sweet. Now I have saved over ten thousand and am gym member. Having the words me and gym in the same sentence felt weird. Hehe, took me more than a month to get used to the idea.

Oh, back to the hand wraps and the punching bag. So yeah, I've been hitting the gym for quite a while and I've taken to fancy this mixed martial arts class called Body Combat. It fuses boxing, Muay Thai, Tae Kwondo, Capoeira, Tai Chi, among other martial arts and condenses it into an hour long class. A few weeks into the class looking stupid with my funny kicks and punches has paid off I think, as I can now give mean stares to the newbies who look funnier than me. Mwehehe. Suffice it to say, I took to liking the class a lot I wanted my own gear so I can do stuff even when I'm in the house. So in a moment of weakness yesterday at Toby's in Galleria while waiting for my mother-sponsored pedi to dry, I gave in. I bought the punching bag and the hand wraps as I'd like to call it, Holidays treats for the self :) Yay! to Christmas bonuses and the gall turn a blind eye to savings accounts that haven't seen deposits in a long time. Haha!

Random, have I mentioned that the Friday Combat instructor is hot? Haha. This is why Friday's are much awaited :) Went to the class early this evening and the he just came back from roughly a full month's absence. So yeah, Happy new year -- if you know what I mean. Haha!

MMFF and the Foursome

What Christmas season is complete without getting your fill of the Tagalog movies brought to you by film companies, "bilang pamaskong handog sa mga Pilipino"? Watched Desperadas2 last night at Eastwood with high school boys and girls, and excuse me while I fight back a mini vomit at the thought of having to fork over P156 to watch it. I've always been extra forgiving of Tagalog movies because I love Aga Muhlach and John Lloyd and Bea. But this last movie left our heads spinning. It was much like watching classroom skits from high school in that it relied heavily on the supposedly funny acting and threw any semblance of a story out the window. They just threw in girls with big boobs, and crossed their fingersthe audience finds it funny. Let's not even get to the script.

Ooh, turning a new leaf entry. Wait, I'll save the rants. Err, maybe squeeze in a few after the happy photos :P

My heart goes to Jamie for the extra frustrating job of putting together get togethers for the barkada. Yesterday, in a desperate attempt to make sure we go out before we go back to school and work, the 4 of us, Jamie, Cho, Bri, and I, went out. Save for the initial tension, it turned out happy. Cho was nice enough to buy dinner for us, squeeze in the bad movie, and then there was coffee after, and plenty of stories about boys and girls and how difficult it is for them to be together.

I'm excited for the Saturday encore :)
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