Monday, August 04, 2008

some brain fart before THE call

Saying yes would mean:
  • giving up all my Saturdays -- on second thought, I bum on Saturdays and no regular night-outs, so its really giving up a free day. On a more specific note, this would mean I cannot be out all day in mall, no Saturday lunches with friends, and no house-hopping. And no, TGIF's
  • waking up at 6 everyday -- maybe this means time to grow up. I guess the real grown up life doesn't exactly start the day at 10.
  • paying taxes -- which would mean I will be earning. It sucks how earning manages to blur your choices. I think of the books and the shoes and the nice things, and in a moment of weakness (and should I add materialism), everything seems right with the world.
  • being a non-liability to the government -- productive, able citizen
  • being out of the house
  • settling? or stepping up?
  • meeting new people
  • being too scared to say no and wait some more
  • putting 177 to practice -- excites and scares me both at the same time
  • reporting to the "NOT easy" boss
  • giving up the @internship
  • growing up -- well.

Saying no would mean
  • staying stuck in the house
  • going back to crossing my fingers something good comes along
  • getting to bead at 10 in the morning
  • sleeping at 3 in the morning -- in an attempt to zoom to OTH season 3 :P
  • getting to go anywhere, anytime -- although the fact that I'm not earning kind of nullifies this one.
  • being able to jump rope any time I want -- and pop in the exercise tape (doesn't happen a lot, so not a problem, really)
  • opening that chance of flying out again
  • waiting -- testing my frayed patience, all possible ways
  • I'm not really sure


  1. hey hey did you say yes?;p
    hope we can go out before you start. well if you said yes that is. hehe waah my issues have issues. hmph. Can we have an issue laden afternoon (well night) please?
    text me when your free. I'm free..well..5 onwards. =)

  2. We'll fill each other with issues til we burst! Haha! Happy to see you soon :)


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