Friday, April 06, 2012

Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Black Saturday aka Bye Bye TV Backlog Time

(Been meaning to post this last night but our internet conked out on me. Now the internet's baaack. So here goes. This post a little too gabby - you have been warned. Haha)

It's been a busy couple of months and the 3 free days from Pinoy Holy Week is a very much welcome break. For my non-beach going family, the Holy Week just means staying in and reacquainting with the house. For me, it also means "Catch Up On My TV Backlog" time :)

I've been meaning to write out a schedule for the 3 days to make sure I don't go back to "real life" next week feeling like the 'staycation' kinda slipped thru my fingers just like that. But yeah, no schedule yet. It's all in my head still, heee. I'm too giddy about getting 3 free days to think haha.

Well for one, I said I was gonna wake up early today to catch up on reading. But surprise surprise - I got up at noon just in time for lunch. Forgot to set the alarm last night! But list or no list, I've just been loving the whole 'kicking back and steady lounging' in the house. (But I think I may have to come up with a list soon, cabin fever is slowly and steadily creeping up as well hehe)

Brad & Jane, Alex & Dave, Penny & Max
I don't understand why I like this show it makes me so happyyy :)

The Thursday List
I've ticked off a few things on this list in my head. I'm all caught up with "New Girl" and "Happy Endings" at least. Both shows have been going up steadily in my TV priority list! The "Happy Endings" brand of weird has successfully grown endearing and "New Girl" has become unexpectedly great. I also accidentally finished "Blue Valentine" this afternoon. I caught the first half of Blue Valentine a good few months ago and never got around to watching the rest to finish. I opened it earlier just to check where I stopped last time and ended up finishing the movie! It's so strikingly sad and brings to the fore all the things you're scared of might turn bad in your relationship. ( I think there will be a Blue Valentine entry.) So to kind of counter that 'real-ness' from all the Blue Valentine and dirty sex and balding Ryan Gosling which doesn't exactly add up to sunshine and smiles, I have decided to fill the TV list with all sitcoms.

What Friday Looks Like
Despite what oddly feels and looks like cabin fever (after only a full day spent at home) my Friday looks like another TV day. While I intend to get some actual "things" (aka non-TV related things) done tomorrow, I will dedicate time for Chuck, which I am 8 episodes behind. And also Cougar Town, which I am 5 episodes behind (Why I take on this much TV and why I feel compelled to watch all this TV is a mystery even to me, so no explanations in the next few lines.) I also have some new shows which I am excited to preview.

It's Lenon Parham of "Accidentally on Purpose". Let's see, let's see.

I found out that Lenon Parham's "BFF's" just premiered today. I loved Lenon as Abby (aka Blabby-gail) in "Accidentally on Purpose" and I'm excited to see this new show of hers. I read the credits and she apparently produced the show as well. There's also this other show "Bent" from NBC which I've been waiting on since David Walton stars in it. Walton is the lanky, brooding guy (think more pensive and poised, more suave version of Zach Levi) from "Perfect Couples". He topbills "Bent" with Amanda Peet, who I think is pretty and very charming, as well. Friday's booked solid (said the kid with no friends :p)

It's Amanda Peet and the cute guy fro (the show that flopped)
"Perfect Couples". I could always use a rom-com :)

Actual "Things"
I've had "Eat Pray Love" the book open since JR's birthday Bora in January of last year. Since I started taking my reading list seriously and added more business books to the reperoire, Liz Gilbert has been collecting dust in the book shelf. I want to give time to more leisurely reading tomorrow. And maybe some David Sedaris, too.

There is also some writing to be done. The Goal Book and oh, I want to start writing my own bucket list! Let's see how much of this actual list gets done. I wish us all a great weekend! :)

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