Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ever felt like you have an entire lifetime ahead of you but you have no idea what to do with it?

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Little Hannah's Heartbreak

I've been all over this video all week! I first saw it on Tinka's Facebook then I pasted a link on my page. I've never stopped watching since!

Watch Hannah declare her undying love for Stephen, her 15-year old teacher from Daily Vacation Bible School. I'm in awe at the innocence of her love and at the tenacity of her 4-year old self. She wants to bring him to Japan! She doesn't know why but she just has this insane amount of love for this boy. Aww. How do you love like this?

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

It's a Sad Day for Technology

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about my work Macbook crashing in the middle of watching Blind Side. So I brought it to the Apple doctor and was told my hard drive was broken. We had the hard drive replaced and told to bring the old hard drive to a data extraction specialist.

For the past 2 weeks, I have not given up hope that my files would be retrieved because I was told these guys are really good. I bring my personal laptop to work and I haven't fully started rebuilding my old work files, because I know I will get my files back. Just thinking about how much rebuilding I have to do makes me really weak in the knees. So, I push it out of my head every time the thought comes in.

Surprise, surprise. I received an email today from the data extraction specialists.


So that's how it feels to have your heart sink to your stomach. I wanted to cry. I cannot even begin to think how much work files I lost, much more bring myself to think about how to rebuild all the lost files. This is incredulous. I still cannot wrap my head around the news.

All my work files. Gone. All my presentations. All the photos of our previous events. All the soft copy labels. All the data I extracted from the program. All the creative work for the brand. I can't believe one technology glitch can devastate this much. Today is a sad day for technology. Gah.

Oh well. What can I do. No amount of sulking will start typing up excel sheets for me, or redoing powerpoint slides. Or heck, even retrieving lost files, if at all. I don't think I have any choice but to live with it. And well, start rebuilding my database.

I don't think it can be said enough the importance of backing up files. Never take no for an answer from a stubborn external hard drive. Keep trying until the frickin thing backs your files up. I leave you with this.


Chuck in Limbo

I stumbled on this USA Today survey (Take the survey and help save Chuck!) asking respondents to comment on shows that are 'on the bubble'. It lists shows from different networks and asks you whether to "keep", "drop", or "don't care". Sadly, the awesome show that is Chuck, is in limbo for a fourth season.

The geeky fan in me got the better of me and I immediately took the survey with the hopes of sharing in saving Chuck. The geekiness doesn't stop there. Here's a declaration of my undying love for the show. Who knows, geek might get published in the article in USA Today for the results!


Please let Chuck stay! I know I am not alone in saying that there is so much love going around for Chuck. 3 seasons just isn't enough awesomeness for the show! We need it to run a fourth season! Heck, I hope it does a Big Bang Theory and gets picked up for 2 seasons so we don't have to go through the distress of guessing whether or not Chuck would come back.

Chuck is a phenomenal show. Maybe it doesn't bring in as much numbers as say, Dancing with the Stars, but I know for a fact this show has amazing fans, willing to give an arm and a leg to keep Chuck. Let us let the amazing show Chuck rock TV one more season. You have a good show in your hands, and you have amazing people who believe it. Make it run one more season and we'll show more people how awesome this show is. Dear NBC execs who hold the fate of Chuck in their hands, please do TV a whole lot of good, let's please keep Chuck on the air.

Monday, April 19, 2010

TV Jitters

It's end of season for most shows across networks. Full-season shows all playing anywhere from episode 19 season finales to extended epsisode 23 finales for the supershow top-raters. I stumbled upon this article by Ausiello detailing his predictions on the fate of shows on the bubble.

My share of TV has gone up exponentially from just one show I religiously watch (before just How I Met Your Mother, and occasionally Gossip Girl and Grey's Anatomy) and now to whole hard drive's worth of shows I now all religiously follow (The Big Bang Theory, Chuck, 30Rock, Modern Family, Cougar Town, Accidentaly on Purpose, , One Tree Hill) plus some new shows I am trying to catch up on (The Office, Make It or Break It, Flashforward, Lie to Me). Yeah, I probably won't argue if you say this is a LOT of TV. Oh well, you love the things you love :p

Now it's decision time for TV network execs on whether to renew or can shows -- and during this thinking time, fans are in distress. Okay, I think I just grew a "nerd" sign on my forehead. But yeah, I think I speak for most TV fans when I say the shows grow on you. The show becomes personal as you laugh at more and more inside jokes and ponder the nuances of the show. So yeah, you can imagine the stress of guessing whether the show's coming back or not. Gah.

The Burbank crew: (from left to right) Colonel John Casey, Agent Sarah Walker, Chuck Bartowski, Ellie Bartowksi, Captain Awesome, and Morgan Grimes

Anyhoo, here's a rundown of show statuses from the Ausiello article:

Cougar Town: Already renewed.
Grey’s Anatomy: A sure thing.
Modern Family: Already renewed

*I'm all smiles it's all clear for the ABC shows. Big grin.

Accidentally on Purpose: Could go either way.
The Big Bang Theory: Already renewed.
How I Met Your Mother: Already renewed

*Great news that the McLaren's gang are staying along with the Caltech geeks but Accidentally on Purpose runs the chance of getting canned. I don't think am ready for no more Billie and Zac. Sad face.

Glee: Already renewed.

*I don't really follow Glee but I think it's a pretty entertaining show so I'm happy it's staying longer.

30 Rock: A sure thing. Officially renewed.
Chuck: A safe bet. Could go either way.
The Office: A sure thing. Officially renewed.
Parks and Recreation: Officially renewed
Trauma: A long shot.

*Looking pretty good on the NBC front. I'm happy 30Rock's going to rock a fifth season and The Office will still be running. My biggest potential heartbreak would be if Chuck gets axed. Oh dear God, please don't make Chuck go away. One the upside, Trauma's looking at slim chances of getting renewd, which just means bigger chances for Chuck to stay. Fingers crossed.

Gossip Girl: A sure thing. Officially renewed.
One Tree Hill: Could go either way.

*For the CW shows, I wouldn't really sweat it. It's good news that GG got renewed. One Tree Hill risks getting canned, but I say it's been a good run for the 7 seasons. I still hope they get renewed, but if they don't I won't cry so much for this one.


Of all the shows, I would really really really be happy if Chuck gets renewed. Please get Chuck renewed. Canning it at 3 seasons is not so awesome. I betcha you'd have droves of people eating Subway sandwiches in the US to save Chuck and the Buy More's ass. Please NBC, don't let Chuck go yet. Fingers crossed.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Gym Love Lost?

It's probably been a month since I started going cold on the gym going. I've been skipping classes like crazy.

The onset of this year has been pretty tough. I started gaining after the Combat event in November last year and it's been a slide since. It didn't help that after November came December and then January aka the 2-month long holiday season in the Philippines aka excellent excuse to screw dieting (or delusions of it) and go (way) easy on the physical activities. And then February is the birthday month. And just when I was about to jump back to the regular fitness grind, March came and brough a week-long work visitor from Sg. This still meant eating and crazy hours, most of which away from the gym. As far as April is concerned, I still haven't come up with a good excuse.

It's been more than a year since I joined FF Eastwood. A part of me thinks the 'honeymoon' is over? A year ago I'd be pulling my hair out if I missed Combat by a few minutes. For a good number of weeks now, I come up with crazy lame-ass excuses to skip it. What is wrong with me?

Am I bored now? Is this health thing really not for me? Oh god, I hope the latter isn't true. I wish with all my heart this just is a phase.

But you know how it is with fitness, the longer you put it off the harder it is to get back? I think that's where the frustration comes from. I think the fun is directly proportional to the performance. The better you perform, the more you like to keep doing it. But now that I am such a lazy ass, my endurance is suffering along with my form. Bad performance, not fun. This is a BAD chicken-egg thing.

How to get the love back?

I've been planning for a few months now to get into boxing. I talked to Lour before and she invited me to box with her at the Elorde Gym in Home Depot. I hope to get me new gloves and am good to run. I hope this thing gets me running again.

I want it to be fun again. I want me to be excited about going. Hay, please let it be fun again.

The story of the (LONG) overdue external drive

The macbook died Thursday night in the middle of the movie The Blind Side and hasn't woken up since. Yesterday Monday, I told the boss about the hard drive crash. He gave the resounding assurance that the macbook can be brought back to life, all files intact, by the trusty Apple shop LMK.

Today, a sunny Tuesday, I finally brought it to the computer doctor at Magallanes. When the technician heard me say " white screen with the blinking folder and the question mark, he immediately said, "replace hard drive." It's fried and unsave-able.

This all means we are replacing the hard drive and expanding RAM and most importantly, taking out files from the work computer that aren't really supposed to be there. Like what you say? Um, I'll take a wild shot and say maybe the complete first to third season of The Office? Among the many other NBC shows clogging my work hard drive? :p

This is why I need a Seagate 500GB external hard drive.

Now even my Compaq is filled to the brim. I have probably about a good 6GB of free space. And that is not looking very good considering the used up space doesn't include my future plans of saving the 3rd season of Gossip Girl and the seventh season of Grey's Anatomy. I see the end of my 6GB of free space very soon.

Must get external hard drive. NOW. The thing is, in the world of scarce resources this decision is becoming one between that pretty ceramic white Fossil watch and the practical Seagate 500GB of delicious free space. Boo economics of scarce resources.

Monday, April 05, 2010

My work computer's dead (Um, so am I)

It's a beautiful sunny Monday morning and I am feeling anything but sunny. Brief backgrounder, so my work computer decided to die late last Thursday. In the middle of the brilliant movie that is The Blind Side, the Macbook conked out and hasn't woken up since. Along with it's journey to some techie black whole, it took with it ALL my work files and well, all of my media library -- why my whole media library is in my work computer is a different discussion altogether.

I don't think the gravity of this whole shit has dawned on me. Right now I'm just a little panicked that I cannot access my immediately necessary work files. But as to the rebuilding part, I don't think I have wrapped my head around that part yet.

I am a few minutes away from submitting my weekly report to the boss, and well spilling the big secret that um, my computer died over the weekend. I have the number to the Apple Center that's supposed to bring the Macbook bakc to life. How much hope I pin on them actually restoring ALL my work files, that I still have to decide.

EDIT: I have just submitted my report 2 seconds ago and the boss was cool about the crash. Best thing he said: All your files will be recovered! Yay!

Okay, my Monday just started looking all sunny! I wish all bad days find twists as lovely as today's :)

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Do you have to be this cute, Zach?

I should never have searched for the Yvonne Srahovski audition reel on YT because if not for that, I would never have started watching Zachary Levi interviews or Zachary Levi anything on YT. Now I can't stop watching :p

This video here I found of Zach talking about video games. If all geeks are this adorable, I don't mind listening to all-day yapping about video games. Deym Zach, do you really have to be this hot?

Friday, April 02, 2010

White screen of death (?) among other things on Staycation

Yesterday was Day 1 of this year's Holy Week Staycation. Day started out pretty good -- woke up at 12nn fresh from a Chuck Season 2 marathon that ended at 5AM, lazy day of lounging in the house, some FRIENDS episodes and quick errand run, then yummy pizza dinner, and to cap the day off, The Blind Side.

We were all psyched about watching The Blind side. We set up the projector in the parental's room, we set the aircon to very high (although that was a bit disappointing cos it wasn't as cold as we wanted, but I digress), pillows and blankets, the works AND for once food was allowed in!

It was a good plan. Until 40 minutes into the movie, the Macbook conked out. The screen froze. I thought it was just a regular VLC glitch, so I tried repairing it the regular way, turn off VLC and then turn on again. Still didn't work so I manually turned off the computer.

I turned it on again and then to my horror, I was met with a white screen that wouldn't go away.

I must've restarted at least 10 times. TO NO AVAIL :|

The internet is a black hole of scary possibilities. One forum said, possibly a hard drive drive failure. Another said, possibly irreparrable.


Dear God, please make it run again and please make my files accessible. Please. Please make it work when I pop in the Leopard installer. Please make it reboot and make it work like before. I will back up once it's running again. I cannot afford to lose all my files now :c

On other news, on top of my work files, I am most concerned about my Chuck Season 3 folder. I just finished Season 2 Wednesday night and my mind was blown from the awesomeness. Season 3 is calling me. And now, all my files are possibly gone along with most of my TV shows. Oh dear Lord, please make it work.
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