Monday, April 05, 2010

My work computer's dead (Um, so am I)

It's a beautiful sunny Monday morning and I am feeling anything but sunny. Brief backgrounder, so my work computer decided to die late last Thursday. In the middle of the brilliant movie that is The Blind Side, the Macbook conked out and hasn't woken up since. Along with it's journey to some techie black whole, it took with it ALL my work files and well, all of my media library -- why my whole media library is in my work computer is a different discussion altogether.

I don't think the gravity of this whole shit has dawned on me. Right now I'm just a little panicked that I cannot access my immediately necessary work files. But as to the rebuilding part, I don't think I have wrapped my head around that part yet.

I am a few minutes away from submitting my weekly report to the boss, and well spilling the big secret that um, my computer died over the weekend. I have the number to the Apple Center that's supposed to bring the Macbook bakc to life. How much hope I pin on them actually restoring ALL my work files, that I still have to decide.

EDIT: I have just submitted my report 2 seconds ago and the boss was cool about the crash. Best thing he said: All your files will be recovered! Yay!

Okay, my Monday just started looking all sunny! I wish all bad days find twists as lovely as today's :)

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