Sunday, July 27, 2008

Domestic Goddess

Yan ang drama namin ngayon sa bahay. I've been getting my hands on a lot of things -- daig ko pa ang barangay livelihood program at Batibot crafts, combined. I think this is my way of convincing my self that I am productive, in this make-believe summer vacation which doesn't have a definite first-day-of-school date . Move over Martha Stewart, or Rachael Ray, or, erm, Teysi ng Tahanan? Hehe.

I took 'being productive' to mean getting your hands moving all hours of the day. So I did pretty much everyt
hing I could get my hands on. There was beading, sort of baking, and updating web portals. And now, I have pretty sparkly bracelets (to be given away to friends, or maybe sold over multiply, if I get to upload my stuff), a big batch of really goooood polvoron (and no, this isn't just me, I've got references!), pastillas which never got wrapped (ten orange-clad pstillas after, Mum and me decided we'd just scoop it out of the tupperware with spoon), and 8 less albums from my multiply backlog.

Today is show and tell :D

About a few weeks ago, my Mum took out my beading kit. I got into beading first when I w
as around 7. It was my parent's way of appeasing me for not having anything to do over the grade school 2-month summer, which was too loooong for a 7-year old. Back then, I only had 2 bags of pink beads and I could only do 1-strand, crappy looking bracelets. About 10 unusable bracelets later, I quit and forgot about the beads. I seriously got into it again sometime when I was 11 and then when I was 17. And then a few weeks ago. I like it better now because we got 2 pliers, those really complicated metal thingums you find in accessories you buy, and pretty beads -- feels like the real thing! :P

These are shots I took of the bracelets. Using the trusty 3-year old Canon, my college spring purple notebook, and the white light over the dining table. From left to right (1) Purple and white 6-strand glass bead bracelet, (2) Green and blue bead bracelet from old stray bracelets I found in my Mum's closet, (3) and the Clear and purple glass bead bracelet. The purple triangular beads came from some old necklace we never got around to using. Scouring the house for old trinkets never made me this happy. I feel like I want to cut them all loose and make new ones out of the pretty beads :) I'm really liking this new hobby.

And then there was this webbie Mum found with all these really simple recipes. I took that to mean -- the time has come for me to make cookies and cream polvoron! :)

Good stuff :) I'm really proud of this batch. And, look at that pretty orange wrap. This batch took so much of me -- more than an hour to wrap all 60, frayed patience, and more ingenuity than I expected. But look at those! *beams like a proud mum* Btw, they're really good!

Til the next batch of bracelets and sweets! :)

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Regression is the path of least resistance

Post-college, that part where you're unemployed, not earning, the part I am in now, is confusing. Part of me wants to rush into, you know, "the world", and prove I am that young thing and I am out to stake my claim in the big baad world of business. But in the same breath I say also that another part of me wants to go back to UP, reclaim that steady life I used to lead just a meager 5 months ago. It probably isn't steady the way, you know staying home is laidback, but steady the way you know how the next weeks, months even, are going to figure. I loved that life. It was exciting and both predictable and unpredictable -- the greatest oxymoron of all time, at least in my 21-year old life.

In that life, I wake up at 8, exactly how things are supposed to be, and then find my way 10 minutes late to my 10AM class. I have lunch at the caf, on more exciting days Mcdo Katip, and then go on with the day's remaining classes. At 5.30 I walk my way to CAL, past the Sunken Garden, past the sweaty joggers, my fingers crossed hoping I stumble into Mike in his sweaty glory (which, by the way, never happened, unfortunately), past the AS steps, and then Kuya Taho, and then find my way to Spanky, that purty WC abode. We laugh our lungs out at WC until we have to light candles because darkness has set in. And then we have to leave because the CAL mosquitoes are going to eat us alive if we don't.

I thought if I went back to the uni, things will feel pretty much the same. The last time I did, I felt like an alien. I was walking the very same pavements but things just aren't the same. I didn't know anyone and I couldn't gloat about knowing half the CSSP population. It was just, different. This thing came like a big bong in the head,telling me that this just isn't how things roll anymore.

I'm being pulled at both ends -- looking forward, looking backwards. Optimism's not my best trait, maybe that's why I am regression's poster kid. Gah.

Anyhoo, because I like things themed (and I love that title up there :P) my musical preferences have been going back to the 90's. The last week saw me filching off the internet OPM 90's style, that familiar band-y sound of angsty teenagers whose songs I didn't know the titles to, back in third grade. Those bands back in grade school I pretended to know because that was what's cool. Hehe. Taking regression to the next level, I go back to the glory days of OPM in the 90's. This Eraserheads song (H'wag Mo Nang Itanong) got me stuck and thinking about some crunchy food for thought:
Field trip sa may pagawaan ng lapis
Ay katulad ng buhay natin
Isang mahabang pila
Mabagal at walang katuturan

I miss the 90's. I miss UP, too. Gah.

Why I'm (almost) never cranky in the morning

...because i have the Top Ten to listen to. I know my friends sometimes hate me for parrotting almost all the entries and trying to recreate the humor, albeit unsuccessfully, I'd say half the time. But this one, you gotta give to me, the dumbest things you've heard said. I got a handful from from the repost on Chico's blog and now I'm pretty sure why ten years (give or take) after, I'm still in love with this morniing show :)

BedBathed Mitch
One time, nag-rereklamo ang girlfriend ko dahil masakit ang ulo nya. Sabi ko, “ganyan talaga, ang ulo parang tiyan, sumasakit kapag walang laman.” Ang sagot niya, “eh kumain naman ako ah…” Ayos.

My friend once argued “Sabi sa Discovery Channel, ang babae na lion, eh tiger!” I told him that those were two different animals. The next day he conceded, “Tama ka, iba nga yung lion sa tiger. Ang babaeng lion pala…eh lioner.”

My aunt and I were eating in I-hop restaurant in LA. As we ordered our food the waiter asked my aunt, “how would you like your eggs, ma’am?” My aunt replied, “Cooked, please.”

No name
Back in college, one of my friends mentioned the Ninja Turtles. Another friend blurted out, “Diba palaka yung mga Ninja Turtles?”

One time, I tried to butt in my friends’ conversation. I heard one say, “Mae and I are going VEGAN.” I blurted, “Ay, kelan kayo pupunta? Sama ako!” Akala ko kasi, VIGAN.

Eto super winner:
Eli Gonzales
When I was in grade 6, I thought “lesbian” was a nationality. One time, a friend saw a lesbian couple and said to me “look at those lesbians”. I replied, “mukha naman silang pinoy…”

And just when I thought the “lesbian” one was funny, this one comes. Panalong panalo!
My wife was having coffee with a friend and her boyfriend who is a programmer. My wife asked the guy what language he knows and he said, “Java.” All of the sudden, the girl said, “Talaga? Sige nga, say something in Java!” After that…silence.

P.S. I plead the RX gods to please let Chico and Delamar keep their morning show til they're um, 60?

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Is it?

Photo credit: PostSecret

EDIT: Erm, came off a tad too emo. The sentiment rings true, although if I were to be the one to word it, I'll probably say something along the lines of, things in my life today being too random. I could use some advice on how to go about things. That thing (life/time/whateveryoucallit) after college isn't my favorite. It feels to me as if my comfort rug has been snatched from under me. The best I can do is vent it to the great internet black hole -- well, cause talking about it makes too much drama than is necessary. How I feel in one word: muh. See, can't even come up with words. Muh.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Worm Song

I finally figured out why my posts take 8 hours before they get posted -- apparently, I set it to the GMT -8 time zone, that's why. Now, it's set at GMT +8, Manila and I am posting The Worm Song to test it :) *lame excuse*

I am nursing badass sipon and my throad feels like ten big spiders spun their webs in there -- or in gross-er terms, plema fiesta! Hehe. I bailed from a 1.30p thing today to "rest." Plus the 14-day zero productivity, err... let's be kind, minimal (dismal?) productivity is taking its toll on me. Add that to PMS and we're on a roll with "unhealthy thoughts." Tsk tsk, idle minds = devil's workshop.

Anyhoo, There was this song I learned from Delle about people with "unhealthy" thoughts. Chico calls it "The Worm Song." Here's Delle's version:
Nobody loves me, everybody hates me,
I'm gonna eat some worms
Fat ones, skinny ones, itsy bitsy teeny ones,
woozy woozy woozy woozy worms
First one's easy, goes down easy,
second one sticks to your tongue.
She didn't get to finish it, though. So resourceful kid to the rescue -- I googled the worm song and found tons of different versions. For anyone who enjoys moping, sing The Worm Song! Here's a short version culled from Bussongs:

Nobody likes me, everybody hates me,
Guess I'll go eat worms,
Long, thin, slimy ones; Short, fat, juicy ones,
Itsy, bitsy, fuzzy wuzzy worms.

Down goes the first one, down goes the second one,
Oh how they wiggle and squirm.
Up comes the first one, up comes the second one,
Oh how they wiggle and squirm.

If we happen to be friends, I'll be kind enough to sing it to you :) Hehe.

Struggling...err, more like Wrestling

The once office-going kid started being the home-staying kid July 1. Effectively, it's been 14 days already since I have been home-based, with a usable computer, fast internet at my disposal, food for when I get hungry, my bedroom for when I feel sleepy -- pretty much no excuse for not having anything accomplished.

My blurry to do list has basically 3 things on it: send TN emails, clean room, bum. The third one is definitely getting in the way of 1 and 2. It's been 14 days of struggling to get things done but always getting sidetracked by naps, mindless free TV, Multiply, Facebook, and every other thing I stumble upon. I hate it that I have roughly the attention span of a fly -- always finding other things more colorful, more interesting, and more delicious-looking. I just had to write this entry because I told myself maybe if I get the distractions out of the way, maybe, just maybe, I can start firing out those emails. I am still crossing my fingers this way of fooling myself works.

For days on end, I have had my TN forms open as word files but really, I am off to the world wide web surfing to my hearts delight. Totally not working. I just keep myself happy by having these word files open, convincing myself that somehow, after snooping this last journal entry of this person, or uploading this last album, I will find it in me to click on the Word file and actually start reading them. And then finally decide whether I want this TN and then send an email with my CV. But no, every two seconds I find an interesting post from people, my multiply backlog of pictures does not run out of albums for posting. It's frustrating really. Muh -- I kinda wanna say I hate myself, but I take it back, I can't find it in me to hate myself. Hehe.

I shall go close this window, and go on as planned. Close internet conection, go up to my room and finally open AND read the TN forms. Just you wait, I shall blast you with an email balst update. And the struggle, err.. wrestle with productivity beginsssss.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Quote Unquote 2

More one-liners from TV shows that eat up 98% of my free time :P

I've been willing myself to write this entry for a few months now but never got around to it (along with the 99% of my to-do list :P). The quotes are not in any way related but each with a little nugget of wisdom (or idiocy, but in a funny, witty way, so forgivable) in them. Ooh, common thread I figured, is that some of the lines are from my all-time favorite losers, Ted Mosby of HIMYM and Dan from Dan in real Life. But then again, some are from somewhere else. Hmmm, really there is no common thread. Heehee, forgive the fickle kid :P

Ted Mosby to Lily when she said she's freaking out about having cold feet 3 months before her wedding
"Marriage is big. You're allowed to freak out."

From one of the songs in RENT
"Forget regret or life is yours to miss"

Also from RENT (I think I loved this for the very reason that I cannot, and am guessing will never, do it)
"Let's find a bar so dark, we forget who we are."

Dan of Dan in Real Life singing back-up to brother, but really singing it to Marie
"Let my love open the door... to your heart"

Dan to his kids (I loved it for the sheer simplicity and stinging reality)
"Plan to be surprised "

Future Ted of HIMYM to his kids talking about his friendship with Robin. This was the one when they had relapse sex on the eve of Thanksgiving and decided they cannot be friends anymore but were proven wrong.
"Friendship is an involuntary reflex, it just happens, you cant help it"

From the Morning Rush Top Ten on Metaphors (an entry which I recommended Friendcess take as her life adage :P)
"I am like good coffee -- medyo bitter"

Again from the Morning Rush Top Ten on Metaphors
"Family are like fudge -- mostly sweet with a few nuts."

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