Tuesday, October 16, 2007


i am stalling sleep on a monday night buying time in front of the pc. i should really be doing 198 now, tomorrow's deadline is looming. but i cant. am writing/stalling, instead of sleeping or attempting to be productive. my next tick box reads -- watch Greys. and i have every plan of checking my box.

twelve hours of today was spent inside Room 301 for 177 for the final presentations -- some of it for reporting but for the most, part for palpitating. waiting for your turn sucks -- especially if you cant help the hyperventiations everytime you think it's your group up next. yesterday's was draw lots, so your chances of getting picked are just about as good as the others. and well, the more mundane woes like not looking smashing. it was crazy. and tiring. more on that when i feel like writingwriting.

anyhoo, today is... *drumroll*


PMS, crabby days, smashing/smashed reports, baaad groupmates, secrets, life issues, catfights, bad internet & ym windows that hang, shoes we drool for and never get to buy and so much life shit than we care to deal with -- thanks for sharing :) the you-rach-and-meee trio is till my favorite :)

here's to more sleepovers, great reports and an unbelievably smashing resume *cough* chinese boys for you and scruffy boys for meee *cough*! haha. ooh, and more gossip girl! i wish you a grand time :D
xoxo, with love from me to you :) haha.

bye, Lola.


  1. wwooohhooo!! sembreak!

    happy birthday, frencess. sorry for the poo-poo birthday. we'll make up for it. :) and i still have about 8 years. weeee! ooohh,, love frencess' pics. ahahah!:D
    love the trio too....

    katc, *hugs* :(

  2. 8 years? eto ba yung for the "official" friendship? :D

    hola bxtches, i remembered the trio is actually *drumroll* the B's club. haha.

    and for me, it's what i like to call -- my girls :) you guys are the best :D thanks for sharing awkward moment #560 :) i cant tell you how much it means to meeee. thanks thanks :D

  3. hah!now i know how to comment!ahahaha it took me 15mins to find the comment button..anyway thanks to my fave trio,the B's club whatever =) and dont worry about my bday..it was last friday right?hahaha i had fun!love you both!not in a weird way okay?hahaha thanks *mwah!

    rach, 8 years + 10 more right?=)
    hey katc super thanks!love the pics.*mwah!


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