Friday, March 19, 2010

Crazy cravings!

Okay, so my hormones are on a roll again (or maybe my crazy appetite is just kicking in) and I've been having crazy cravings. Crazy many cravings! My brain's all filled with images of good food as the smell of my just finished Krispy Kreme still lingers on my desk.

I thought, why not google the crazy cravings and post them here. My first foodie post, I think. Let me share some of my comfort food in vivid color :)

Today I had Krispy Kreme in Lemon Cheesecake. You would think with the creamy filling and the sweet tangy Lemon-y taste I'd be sated and happy. I'm surprised after finishing my dougnut with the smell of powder sugar still wafting through my work area, I am still craving for another one. And a richer doughnut at that, Caramel Crunch. Good thing the KK store nearest to me is a bit of a hassle to visit, it's in Eastwood Cybermall. It's far from the part of Eastwood I move around in and parking's too expensive for just the quick doughnut run. I just buy whenever I am in the area for something else. I say the hassle of it is good so I can't just buy anytime I want, else I'd go for a killing with my blood sugar! Hahaha!

Which also reminds me of my other favorite, Cello's Doughnuts in Katipunan. I think this craving for Cello's never goes away because these are "elusive" doughnuts. The shop is right across Ateneo so you would have to really want it want it to make it worth the stop. Either taking the jeep from UP or Aurora, Katipunan, or bringing the car, it's still inconvenient to visit the store in the second floor to just give into a craving. I usually just go when I have an errand to run in the area which happens not very often. So the doughnuts remain "elusive". The best ones have to be the cheese flavored and the peanut butter. Just thinking about them makes my mouth water!

I've been saying for a few weeks now that I am craving Causeway food. What keeps me craving is the Salt and Pepper Spare Ribs. Causeway makes a killing with these babies! Works magic with their house yang chow fried rice. I should find lunch buddies and eat there the soonest.
Turon KC is the house special dessert in Kanin Club. I always say I find my comfort food in this restaurant. Small and cozy with good food and reasonable prices, eating at Kanin Club always brings me to my happy place. Turon KC is like halo halo fried inside your spring roll wrapper. This one has to be eaten a bit hungry though, never right after a heavy meal. This is a pretty filling chow on it's own, you have to dignify with a hungry enough stomach.

French Macarons! :) I got introduced to French macarons that day I went to attend the graduation class at the Heny Sison School. Back then I didn't even know how these babies tasted, but one look at the colorful little circles, I knew they were good. I put a few in my dessert plate and when I took my first bite, dessert heaven! And yes, believe me when I say I was not exagerating. Egg shell-like outer crust, melt-in-you-mouth merange, and a creamy center. This babies deserve two-syllable de-yms! I have yet to try the ones in Bizu, though. But I was told they are crazy good, too! Oh, french macarons.

I just found this photo on the internet. I say yes to the whole anatomy! Yumyum!

And how can I forget, my favorite favorite quick dessert treat that has saved me from many a horrible day, the Mcdonald's Strawberry Milkshake! It's smooth and creamy and strawberry-licious and convenient even while driving and gives me calcium too! Hahaha! My strawberry milkshake will always have a special place in my heart for sharing many monologues in the car with me, for being that thing I look forward to at the end of a bad day and that dessert that doesn't make me feel very guilty (because I think of it as um, just a thick milk drink) :p
Writing about these colorful photos kind of salvaged today. Good food is always a joy, especially when taken with laughter for post-dessert dessert :) I think this is my cue to round up the Glee Kids for our next foodie night out!


  1. me i want causeway!! cant do lunch though. hehe

  2. Hey when do I see you? You're phone's bonkers again! I texted you kanina pero NR ka lang. That or you don't want to text me lang? Hahaha!

  3. weird..didnt get any messages from you. where did you text? office no?

  4. I always text you na dun sa office num cos you said your personal phone's either broken or dead. Hey, it's been long!

  5. The carmel crunch donut looks awesome! I have never had salt and pepper spear ribs but will look for them in Florida.

  6. Look for a Chinese restaurant in Florida, they should have the salt and pepper ribs. These are almost always a staple :)


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