Sunday, March 28, 2010

Liz and Floyd

Since I stepped into Liz Lemon world through 30Rock, it felt like I was in good company. Okay, maybe this is too melodramatic, but with Liz Lemon around, my weird felt less weird.

Four seasons into the show and I feel this uncanny attachment to LL. It doesn't hurt too that I rock Friday nights 37-year old style, ice cream tub/take out/junk food in hand and a TV show, not necessarily together, cos I have this longstanding rule on no food in the bedroom. Or that I really don't enjoy going out and staying up late and I'd totally win on Who-Falls-Aseep-the-Fastest.

And then Floyd comes in sometime in Season 2 and they become Liz AND Floyd and they are adorable! They're the couple that take a jab at each other, make fun fun of the other, get each others jokes, and stay in for fun. They were my couple. But they broke up when Floyd chose Cleveland over LL and New York. Which was also fine by me. You know you love a guy who has a good head on his shoulders and knows what he wants. Sadly for Floyd, it was Cleveland without LL.

And then season 4 Floyd comes back only this time with another girl in tow. The token blonde yoga instructor who's too hot she has no friends. The token blonde Floyd picked for the skinny, for the booty, and for the pretty face over Liz's funny, over Liz's smart, over Liz's steady.

Ohwell. This feels naked saying, but I might have taken this choice a little too personally. I need someone/something to let me know the funny, smart, steady girls get the good guys. I thought Liz was that steady girl who gets THE guy. Liz is that steady girl who has her own air time with losers and douches but int he end finds THE guy who's smart and not trashy and not douchey. What breaks my heart is that even LL got dumped for the pretty blonde by the boy who supposedly appreciates smart girls. Ohwell.

Mmmkay, this is too much overanalysis for a sitcom :p

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