Monday, May 13, 2013

What has happened since my last February post

It's May 13 and it's election day on the sunny island Republic of the Philippines. It's a holiday and all local TV stations are on 24-hour patrol on the voting precincts.

Me? I'm pushing on my 48th-ish hour here on a lying down marathon on my bed. I've used up a roll and a half of toilet paper blowing my brains out of my nose. And my tiny yellow trash can is filled to the brim with crumpled up tissue. It feels like there are spiders in my throat and my tiny fever has been going on and off since yesterday afternoon. (I just finished a big glass of homemade halo-halo so, I'm no stellar at nursing myself back to health. I think?)

First it started out as a lazy after lunch Sunday yesterday. I asked to be left at home. Skipped church and lounged in bed to nurse the bleh feeling. 5 hours of aircon and the unforgiving 3PM heat maybe made me give in. When the folks got home, I had full on colds and a tiny fever to boot.

(Btdubs, my Kristen Wiig SNL ep finished downloading! Yay!)

I've seen an obscene amount of FRIENDS reruns and some trawling online when I noticed that I haven't blogged since February! And since I write to remember, I'd just like to put down some things that played out since I last wrote.

1. I turned 26! Woop! I was trying to remember what I did for my birthday and I was hard pressed for memories haha. I asked my Mum and she reminded me that Uncle Edwin and Tita Connie flew to the Phils from Aus for holiday. So there's that, we had balikbayans for close to a month.

2. I changed phones twice. Considering it's me, girl who had her trusty Nokia for over a year, 2 phones in 3 months is a LOT. The first one, Globe gave my Mum a free BB as a loyalty gift. The second one, my Uncle brought home a Samsung he barely used. I still am using the Samsung now - which also introduced me to the world of Android and smartphones. Yay technology!

3. We went to Baguio. Uncle Edwin wanted a family trip. We were originally supposed to go to Boracay but Mum figured there was too many of us, and it would turn out a bit too pricey. So we ended up in Baguio. Little Deedee went too, so it was extra fun.

4. Mahal and I started working together! Mahal got on board the team and things just got more exciting! I'm so happy he's hitting it off with the team and that we have one more shared activity that we're doing together. So excited for 30 :D

5. Business milestone in April! I got recognized and promoted for turning over good volume for the month that culminated in April. Also, sold my first TRA Program by myself. So, yay!

6. Went to Manila East with family and got a really bad sunburn. I wanted to tan cos I felt my color's a bit too pale. I was probably too generous with the tanning lotion AND oil (yes, both!) that I ended up with a really painful burn on my shoulders. On the upside, I got me some color! :)

7. I started exercising again (!) I think it's been close to 2 years since I last step foot in my gym. I was a gym rat before until I got burned out. My exercise started tapering off until I wasn't exercising anymore. Just recently I had a (mini) panic attack when I figured almost none of my clothes in the closet fit me anymore. Someting just had to be done. It's been over a month since I started doing Body Combat at home and things have been great!I just remembered how the sweating from intense exercise feels sooo goodddd.

8. I finally got to doing my personal dream board. It's a personal milestone for me cos it's been a year since I said I will do one for myself. It's sitting on the wall right beside my bed - first sight in the morning, last sight at night. Exciting things happening in my future!

9. My crush on this person  turned one year old. Sobering thought haha. It's been a year (since I realized I liked him) and we haven't shared a decent conversation to date. Why I still like him, I don't even know. We've been exchanging weird looks for about a month now, but I don't think that counts. High school kids' love lives are sweeping the floor with mine! Hahaha! Hopefully, the next update is about my love life uh, coming to life. That's exciting :)

10. Went to the beach! (But before that drove 5frickin hours up north first.) We lovingly call this Zambales beach trip, #superssteadyweekend. It was super funnnn! Went with Mahal and Surot and shared a room with Gb. I got more color, the beach was pretty, and we laughed a LOT. We really laughed a LOT. Good times!

There, the past 3 months all wrapped up! Life is good :) Cheers to the rest of the year!
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