Monday, February 26, 2007

why is my systems bonkers?

just got off the econ exam. can you feel any angsty air? wala diba? exam turned out pretty well :) well, at least easier than i thought. i figured i was overreacting because of the sample exam i got. Ming handed it to me so i got myself a copy. i couldn't answer anything because the questions were friggin hard. i'd one correct item per page, thas about it. but dude, how am i going to pass my third exam at that rate? you can just imagine how scared i was when i got the paper. my only consolation was that they fine tuned the grading system and you can pass with a mere hundred points. given that my two exams which were pretty bad, but can somehow take me somewhere -- somewhere a tad farther than a three, kinda gave a little room to mess up in this one.

by the third exam page, i was seriously computing for the answers, which was a good thing. cos that just meant i remembered stuff somehow. onting ego-booster :)

and now 1) am home 2) i want to sleep but 3) i can't. ansaya.but not last night when i still had two friggin chapters to finish. hay. welcome to my life -- say hello to perfect timing.

as if my bad sleeping patterns aren't enough, my hormones are playing me again. filched off stuff from the Dreamsounds Album from Limewire last night. i got Come Back and Fly Away -- and you guessed it, struggle pare. i don't have to tell you what the songs say. just imagine, Wave 89.1 songs, played at ten in the evening. hay. huway?

i just hate this feeling. alam mo yung you're perfectly fine but there's this weird something inside bugging you to find answers to questions you aren't even supposed to be asking. kamote.

i am fine. repeat after me -- i am fine. i am. convincing myself or otherwise. i am fine. thankyouverymuch.

i'll just have to sort the fotos for my keso-all-the-way belated thankyou post for my birthday :)

hello happy hormones, you are very welcome. you're paranoid hormone friends are overstaying :P


  1. econ sample exams? i never had one, never saw one when i was taking up econ last year :(

  2. i just got them from friends :)

  3. results were given out..
    how did you do?

    and when waas yer bdayyy???
    happy belatieeeeeees.
    i owe u a gippp

  4. one big yay to me! :)
    the third exam was my best so far -- sofa so good! :) haha *can you touch the happy air? :P*

    my birthday was lst tues, 20 feb. thanksie for the greetings :) keri lang, marami ka namang advance greetings :) hehe.

  5. oooh,i love the pic series on the left pane of your blog. cute! :D


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