Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Story of the Persian Smuggler

So thankful for the privilege to hear this story shared by Sandy last Saturday. It's so simple and so powerful. Sharing this wonderful story.


The Story of the Persian Smuggler
A long time ago there was a notorious Persian smuggler. He would cross borders regularly, bringing with him many and different goods on camels.

Every time he would cross the borders, the government would take great pains to go through all the goods on the camels, taking every effort to find the smuggled goods. Every time, they do not find any.

Time came when the Persian Smuggler retired. Out of curiosity, the government asked him. Since he's retired and government cannot pursue any case against him for lack of evidence, the government wanted to know where her hid the smuggled goods.

The Persian Smuggler said, "That's easy. The goods were the CAMELS."
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