Friday, April 06, 2007

the (very short) break so far

am a Grey's virgin no more :) haha. i got a free sample DVD from Uncle Norman that says Grey's season 4. i told them at school about my season 4, and i got was a good laugh from everyone. apparently, the last episodes werent even shot for season 3 -- so sue me for having season 4 episodes already :P anyway, it looked to me like i had all the time in the world early this afternoon (because i have been having decent night's sleep in the last two days and it felt heavenly coming from no sleep worknights :P) and i popped the dvd on the player and started watching. gahd, i love the witty! :)

i figured i really had fun when i found myself lugging around my new dvd's i got from the neighborhood grocery :P they went for php90 a pop, so thas php180 for the 20-episodes-per dvds i got. am a newbie at "patronizing piracy" so someone please tell me if i got a god bargain or if i should start hitting myself in the head now fo shelling so much on my copies :P the copies werent as good as the one from my Uncle, but were "watchable" enough. i think you know who am spending the night with -- Burke or Alex :p haha.

on other things sharing brainspace, vacation hasn't sunk in to me yet. i have all the idle time in the world but i still don't get that gahd-am-so-happy-to-not-have-anything-to-do-and-i-can-waste-all-the-time-i-want feeling. i feel weird actually -- yest i was even manic D. i guess am kinda having a hard time shifting from having the burden of writing two million articles in three hours to having all the friggin time in the world. or prolly miss just being busy -- ha, am such a nerd :P

ooh random: we were driving around Taytay early this afternoon, to get stuff and and -- i saw Elgene :) on a motorbike like super up close. he was a ruler away from my window :) haha, high school crush flush :P

why does that feeling still well up inside me?
how long will it take --
3 years? 5 years?
its taking too long. naiinip nko :(


  1. wwoohhhooo!!! another grey's fan!!! heheheH!
    see, nakaka.addict cya.. :)
    you can borrow gia's season 3.. m giving her a copy when i go there.. ;p

  2. yey! KatC's a grey's fan na!
    see, nakaka.addict cya.
    you can borrow gia's season 3. m giving her a copy when i go there. ;p


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