Friday, July 22, 2011

Scruffy Boyfriend Peg

This is how my boyfriend will look like. This is the perfect amount of scruffy and sexy and geeky and handsome and smart-looking and amazing and all that :)

Photo from the Zach Braff self portrait collection from Facebook :)

I won't take it against The Boyfriend if he also writes well and is as incredibly funny as Mr. Braff himself. He is passionate and madly in love with his purpose and happily making his mark in his own pocket of the world. He is charming and gracious and beautiful. He is romantic and interesting and funny and his own adorable brand of weird.

He is exciting and adventurous and writes unbelievable love letters. If there is anything I will not doubt, it is the fact the This Boy is really, unbelievably, so into me, there will be no need for pointless (and might I add, very frustrating) mind games. There will no room for even the slightest bit of emotional confusion. And The Boy's love? It will be so painfully obvious, it will be very very hard to miss. I will come to question many things (as does my brain that's hard-wired for these kinda things) but never will I come to question This Boy's love.

Come find me, babe! :)

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