Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hullo again, writing

As always, I have an unbelievable backlog of "blog entries" inside my head. And by blog entries, I mean random brain farts that I have to have in writing so they are safely cemented as memories.

The thing with me is that in times when my life presents pretty interesting things to blog about, my writing shuts down. I am too happy to write. I am too mopey to write. I am too busy to write, or at least I think I am. But yeah, maybe for the most part, I take this blog a little too seriously for my own good. I don't you know, 'drunk write.' Not that I get drunk, or write in the hypothetical drunkenness. Think drunk-dialing, only this time writing. And um, non-drunk. Okay, I am abandoning that train of thought.

Leaving the metaphors aside, it's like unless I have something (I think) is 'bloggable' or something I can write (poser) sophisticated thoughts on, I don't write. Which defeats the whole purpose of this thing, which is pretty much random, informal, and spontaneous.

So yeah, this is me breaking the ice between me and writing. It's been a whole month. Hullo writing self, welcome back to the virtual playground of computerized brain fart :)

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