Sunday, January 20, 2008

Life so far

It's a Saturday morning and we were greeted Hello and Goodmorning by some news. Bad News. Some shithead tried to break into the shop. Goodmorning. And I wasn't even over last night's drama and then there's new piece of news to digest. My life's getting waaaay too grown up. Gah, not ready.

It broke my heart to see Dad forcing the orange door open because the *bleep*'s (hint hint: body cavity) broke the locks. We had a total of four locks, two for the iron gate, one for the door knob, and another for the dead bolt. The *bleep*'s cut the two locks for the gate, and from this we can tell they were prepared for the "attack". And then they hammered the door knob. But they had another lock to contend with, the dead bolt, which basically saved our asses from a shop swept clean from theft. The bad boys tried to force the door open with something like a heavy metal rod, which cracked the thin door and the door jamb. Thankfully, the shitheads didn't get a chance to break the door open, cos they probably got too frustrated cos the dead bolt was a really tough job. This meant the stubborn locks took them long enough for the next door neighbor to get up, get some lights open, and basically scare the doofuses away by his sheer presence (Thank you, Carlo).

We all woke up early, and then after quick bath rushed to the shop. We were greeted by the sad-looking door-knob which we can barely recognize. It took us a good thirty or maybe even forty minutes to get inside. It was just sad. I wanted to cry, but I knew it was the lame thing to do. Plus, it wouldn't be any help, so I shushed myself and tried to see humor in the batsh*it we found ourselves in. Hello Life, I think we're getting a little too much shit than we can take. Break please.

And because I was holding the tears in and trying to find humor in the thing, I fortunately found funny things. By the time my dad hit the fifth minute trying to force the door open, we have a troop of at least five men in the background trying to stick their noses in the situation. If that were me, I'd probably be pissed at all the people who act like they know the answer to my dilemma. But since we were in dire need, Dad let them. And then later I figured, it was more heartwarming than irritating. The men went out of their way to see if we were okay and then tried to help us. A few more minutes later and we had a party already. We had two housewives checking out the scene, three kids waiting for the shop to open, and then the five men who each had a say as to how to open the lock. It was amusing I didn't really notice it took us almost an hour.

One more funny thing. All the cars, tricycles, and people who passed by the shop took at least five seconds to ogle and try to find out what happened. That's just uncannily the Pinoy way. And then halfway through the thing, there was a white 60-ish guy with six-year old girl in tow, who passed by. They were pretty noticeable cos well, they're white and the guy's pretty huge. Funny thing is, even with the sea of people crowding our tiny shop, the white guy didn't even flinch to take a look. He just went on with his way, as if there wasn't an intriguing blob of people building up by the roadside. It was amusing, in a cultural way.

So yeah, I guess you really can find humor when you look for it.


  1. ohmygod!what happened?nothing stolen?what shop is this anyway?haha!sawsaw kasi ako :P

  2. you are weird. you found something funny in a scary situation. weird. so katc... :D


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