Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Babble Battalion

Yesterday I said, today's the day I'll make a conscious effort to try to lose weight. But NO. Today, I ate my famed DQ sandwich because um, I got a headache and I can't not eat my sandwich :P And then later in the day, before we went home, Mum was kind (err, or maybe unkind?) enough to feed me McNuggets, McFries, McSarsi, and well, McFat, McSaturated Fat. So much for today's successes. And let's not even get to dinner. It was fried chicken bottoms. Gah, it was soo good, it gave me a headache. Haha. McCholesterol, hallo. And yeah, I don't mean the good one.

Am feeling blah. And it has very little to do with the unsuccessful first day of The Great Attempt To Lose Weight. It has to do with um, estrogen levels shooting through the roof? I don't even know. And am pretty positive it's not that. Gah, am spiraling out. Boo.

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