Sunday, March 28, 2010

Liz and Floyd

Since I stepped into Liz Lemon world through 30Rock, it felt like I was in good company. Okay, maybe this is too melodramatic, but with Liz Lemon around, my weird felt less weird.

Four seasons into the show and I feel this uncanny attachment to LL. It doesn't hurt too that I rock Friday nights 37-year old style, ice cream tub/take out/junk food in hand and a TV show, not necessarily together, cos I have this longstanding rule on no food in the bedroom. Or that I really don't enjoy going out and staying up late and I'd totally win on Who-Falls-Aseep-the-Fastest.

And then Floyd comes in sometime in Season 2 and they become Liz AND Floyd and they are adorable! They're the couple that take a jab at each other, make fun fun of the other, get each others jokes, and stay in for fun. They were my couple. But they broke up when Floyd chose Cleveland over LL and New York. Which was also fine by me. You know you love a guy who has a good head on his shoulders and knows what he wants. Sadly for Floyd, it was Cleveland without LL.

And then season 4 Floyd comes back only this time with another girl in tow. The token blonde yoga instructor who's too hot she has no friends. The token blonde Floyd picked for the skinny, for the booty, and for the pretty face over Liz's funny, over Liz's smart, over Liz's steady.

Ohwell. This feels naked saying, but I might have taken this choice a little too personally. I need someone/something to let me know the funny, smart, steady girls get the good guys. I thought Liz was that steady girl who gets THE guy. Liz is that steady girl who has her own air time with losers and douches but int he end finds THE guy who's smart and not trashy and not douchey. What breaks my heart is that even LL got dumped for the pretty blonde by the boy who supposedly appreciates smart girls. Ohwell.

Mmmkay, this is too much overanalysis for a sitcom :p

Friday, March 19, 2010

Crazy cravings!

Okay, so my hormones are on a roll again (or maybe my crazy appetite is just kicking in) and I've been having crazy cravings. Crazy many cravings! My brain's all filled with images of good food as the smell of my just finished Krispy Kreme still lingers on my desk.

I thought, why not google the crazy cravings and post them here. My first foodie post, I think. Let me share some of my comfort food in vivid color :)

Today I had Krispy Kreme in Lemon Cheesecake. You would think with the creamy filling and the sweet tangy Lemon-y taste I'd be sated and happy. I'm surprised after finishing my dougnut with the smell of powder sugar still wafting through my work area, I am still craving for another one. And a richer doughnut at that, Caramel Crunch. Good thing the KK store nearest to me is a bit of a hassle to visit, it's in Eastwood Cybermall. It's far from the part of Eastwood I move around in and parking's too expensive for just the quick doughnut run. I just buy whenever I am in the area for something else. I say the hassle of it is good so I can't just buy anytime I want, else I'd go for a killing with my blood sugar! Hahaha!

Which also reminds me of my other favorite, Cello's Doughnuts in Katipunan. I think this craving for Cello's never goes away because these are "elusive" doughnuts. The shop is right across Ateneo so you would have to really want it want it to make it worth the stop. Either taking the jeep from UP or Aurora, Katipunan, or bringing the car, it's still inconvenient to visit the store in the second floor to just give into a craving. I usually just go when I have an errand to run in the area which happens not very often. So the doughnuts remain "elusive". The best ones have to be the cheese flavored and the peanut butter. Just thinking about them makes my mouth water!

I've been saying for a few weeks now that I am craving Causeway food. What keeps me craving is the Salt and Pepper Spare Ribs. Causeway makes a killing with these babies! Works magic with their house yang chow fried rice. I should find lunch buddies and eat there the soonest.
Turon KC is the house special dessert in Kanin Club. I always say I find my comfort food in this restaurant. Small and cozy with good food and reasonable prices, eating at Kanin Club always brings me to my happy place. Turon KC is like halo halo fried inside your spring roll wrapper. This one has to be eaten a bit hungry though, never right after a heavy meal. This is a pretty filling chow on it's own, you have to dignify with a hungry enough stomach.

French Macarons! :) I got introduced to French macarons that day I went to attend the graduation class at the Heny Sison School. Back then I didn't even know how these babies tasted, but one look at the colorful little circles, I knew they were good. I put a few in my dessert plate and when I took my first bite, dessert heaven! And yes, believe me when I say I was not exagerating. Egg shell-like outer crust, melt-in-you-mouth merange, and a creamy center. This babies deserve two-syllable de-yms! I have yet to try the ones in Bizu, though. But I was told they are crazy good, too! Oh, french macarons.

I just found this photo on the internet. I say yes to the whole anatomy! Yumyum!

And how can I forget, my favorite favorite quick dessert treat that has saved me from many a horrible day, the Mcdonald's Strawberry Milkshake! It's smooth and creamy and strawberry-licious and convenient even while driving and gives me calcium too! Hahaha! My strawberry milkshake will always have a special place in my heart for sharing many monologues in the car with me, for being that thing I look forward to at the end of a bad day and that dessert that doesn't make me feel very guilty (because I think of it as um, just a thick milk drink) :p
Writing about these colorful photos kind of salvaged today. Good food is always a joy, especially when taken with laughter for post-dessert dessert :) I think this is my cue to round up the Glee Kids for our next foodie night out!

Friday hohum

You know that feeling when you're so close yet so far to the weekend? In a nutshell, that pretty much describes how I feel on Fridays.

I think what makes this Friday extra dragging is the fact that I have to wake up earlier than I already do for a workday. Tomorrow (a frickin) Saturday, I have to be up at 5 in the morning to make it to 7AM in Alabang to make it to 8AM to Tagaytay. And to think I wake up 6ish on regular work days. Forgive the cranky granny, it's just that I feel seriously deprived when am asked to wake up outrageously early on a Saturday.

On the upside though, we are headed up to Tagaytay to celebrate Big Boss' 40th birthday. Yeah, I guess I'm getting ahead of the myself with all the crankiness. It's good food, nice place, and plenty of reasons to be happy and gay! Hahaha!

Tomorrow will be fun. Tomorrow will be a good day. Tomorrow will be stress-free. Dear universe, for your compliance. Thank you!

Thursday, March 18, 2010


A good number of weeks ago, I mooched off a buttload of TV shows from Blanche. I must've copied half her hard drive's worth of TV shows. I copied mostly just to watch 30Rock but she was kind enough to give me other TV shows I am slightly interested in, but never would have downloaded on my own i.e., Chuck.

I've had Chuck season 1 in my hard drive since I first copied shows from Blanche. I just never really got around to watching. I am interested alright, but since I am a pretty moody TV watcher, I have to be a certain vibe so I can watch a certain show. And for the longest time, I never got the "Chuck vibe" -- well, until last Tuesday.

As with any other show, it helps a lot that the main squeeze is good looking :p I like Chuck Bartowski because he has an adorable mop of curly hair, that messy-but-working-for-him look, and overall steady geek vibe. He's like a grown up version of Seth Cohen and a rougher, more manly, less pretty boy version of Ted Mosby. Kat likes this :)

Chuck the show is a spy-inspired series without the stiff seriousness characteristic of anything that has remotely to do with the CIA and the NSA. Chuck the character is overly conscious, talks in long awkward sentences, and apologetic making for a very adorable loser. I love it how he is unaware of his great person which makes him really genuinely charming. I think I may be giving too much away of my real life preferences over this discussion on Chuck Bartowski :p

I also love Chuck's endearing brother-sister show of love with Ellie Bartowski, the big sis. It is endearing how they show they look out for each other without crossing that icky borderline for sibling love. The endearing sibling schtick works so well it makes me feel sad about not having siblings.

It's also interesting to point out how the women in this show are unbelievably tall. Ellie is almost as tall as Chuck who stands over 6 feet. Agent Sarah Walker also stands almost shoulder to shoulder with Chuck. Imagine when the puny Rachel Bilson guest starred and stood side by side with Sarah, she looked like a tiny pet cat! It felt like Sarah can step on Lou, the Rachel Bilson character, and crush her under her feet if she wants to. I love that Chuck moment.

I am amazed at how much I like this show considering I'm only a good 1 season into it. I'm excited to finish season 1 and get into season 2 and work my way to the current episode! Blanche was berating me for only watching Chuck now. It' s that awesome of a TV show that you miss a lot TV-wise if you're not into it. So yeah, I guess it's hello 5-hour nights again until I get to the current ep :p

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

2-Week Long Work Week Deserves a Mock weekend!

Last Saturday marked the end of my (very) long 2-week stretch of a super work week. I had to cram putting together a schedule for the visit of my Singapore principal Giselle, putting together 2 classes at the Heny Sison School, the actual visit, and the actual classes into one extended work week. My head was spinning.

There was actually one day when my fingers were literally shaking, I think from all the stress of trying to put everything together. I think what got me frazzled the most was the fact that I was on my own. I was flailing about but I had to pep talk myself I could do it because there was no one else in my team but me.

I just have to add that in the middle of this whole super work week I even managed to catch the attention of the Pasay police and get reprimanded for a Php2K traffic violation. Long story short, we got out of it with the help of some charm and a very powerful name card. Thank heavens I didn't have to pay anyone, because I really don't like to.

Back to my super week story. The two weeks whizzed by and next thing I knew G has flown out of the Phils already. Then Saturday and then my weekend and we're here to today! I came out of it in one piece! Yay!

So today, Tuesday until tomorrow Wednesday, kid's on leave! Almost didn't make this one cos the boss ALMOST said no. But here we are, in my 2-day mock weekend in the middle of the work week. No places to go to for me. All I want to do is what this kid in the hammock is doing, glorious, blissful sleep :)

Halfway through today and I am liking this! Okay, maybe a few unpleasantries here and there, but over all the sleep and the waking up late make up for it. I get to sleep a lot, watch a lot of TV, and go to the gym at the time want to. Kat likes this.

Today I started watching Chuck and later tonight I shall get back to my old TV shows. I am not so much into spy stuff but I am definitely into adorable nerds so yeah, Chuck is working for me :p Teehee. And since nothing new for HIMYM today and no baby-daddy from Accidentally on Purpose til April, I will reunite with One Tree Hill and Grey's Anatomy before bed time.

Who said vacations have to be somewhere beach-y and coconut-smelling? But yeah, after this one, a real vacation weekend wouldn't hurt. For now, it's hello bed and imaginary TV friends :)

Monday, March 15, 2010

Hello Monday!

Monday is always that blunt wake up call telling you the weekend is over and the work week just started. Monday, like death and taxes, is always a sure thing. Always a sure thing.

So today is one of those Mondays where I struggle to get into my groove for the whole work week. Not very good news, I am flailing around and my grasp on the work week is weak and is getting weaker still as I type. It's 2PM and am hella sleepy, my fingers refuse to tap the keyboard to write work stuff, and my brain is stuffy, it refuses to function. I am on leave tomorrow and I think as early as halfway through the day today I am subconsciously refusing to get into the work groove -- it's a "mock weekend" tomorrow again anyway, says my gallivanting consciousness.

Okay, I am bluffing. This is less about Monday and more about something else um, not work-related. I am embarrassed to be writing about this but I have to find a way to get this out of my system. And by getting out of my system, I don't mean calling a girl friend (and by girl friend I mean P) and threshing out detail upon painfully awkward detail to the poor hapless soul. Nope, we are not going that way. Not yet, at least. Today, getting it out of my system will mean writing a vague and ambiguous account of my story here and crossing my fingers it doesn't bug me, at least for the next few days. Here goes.

So Saturday night there was this phone call I took. I had zero expectations about that call. I don't even know why I took it. I think part of me was curious, part of me wanted to be nice, and yeah part of me was also interested. It was a pretty long conversation. I am surprised at the number of things I oh-so willingly shared and at my amusement at the things the caller also shared. More than the sharing, I am more fascinated at how much I enjoyed that conversation. We both laughed a lot and it really felt like talking to an old friend. With the set up and all, that would've been a really freaky, and to some point, creepy call. But it was not all any of those. It was just fun and enjoyable.

And then after the call, I got an sms telling me how the caller also had a grand time talking... okay, maybe not grand, but in my head that was how it was said :p And then there was something about wanting to talk again. I hated that part because that got me clutching my phone like crazy, like a methhead waiting for the next delivery. Okay, maybe that's not a good choice for a simile. But you get the picture?

Ugh, I hate the pining part. This is not how it's supposed to be. On other news, I was smiling like stupid when I woke up. So yeah, I guess am good.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

A sneak peak on the work week

I am up for a very long 2-weeks as I single-handedly prepare for my March classes for malt. Plus, my principal from Singapore scheduled her Philippine visit on the 3 days leading up to the first class.

Just looking at my to-do list makes me feel really weak. Like a typical ADD kid that flips out at the sight of large chunks of work, my brain finds it difficult to process how exactly to accomplish the large task at hand. 

I haven't even found the time finish my birrhday thank you posts. My heads a little too cloudy. I'm writing to sort out my unnecessary feelings about work, to help my brain map out what to do, and well, to stall. Heehee.

I'm doing me a favor and putting up this photo of this adorable fudgy baby from Oddee. Isn't he the cutest? I swoon everytime I see this. Perfect little distraction :D

Okay, back to work now.
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