Tuesday, March 16, 2010

2-Week Long Work Week Deserves a Mock weekend!

Last Saturday marked the end of my (very) long 2-week stretch of a super work week. I had to cram putting together a schedule for the visit of my Singapore principal Giselle, putting together 2 classes at the Heny Sison School, the actual visit, and the actual classes into one extended work week. My head was spinning.

There was actually one day when my fingers were literally shaking, I think from all the stress of trying to put everything together. I think what got me frazzled the most was the fact that I was on my own. I was flailing about but I had to pep talk myself I could do it because there was no one else in my team but me.

I just have to add that in the middle of this whole super work week I even managed to catch the attention of the Pasay police and get reprimanded for a Php2K traffic violation. Long story short, we got out of it with the help of some charm and a very powerful name card. Thank heavens I didn't have to pay anyone, because I really don't like to.

Back to my super week story. The two weeks whizzed by and next thing I knew G has flown out of the Phils already. Then Saturday and then my weekend and we're here to today! I came out of it in one piece! Yay!

So today, Tuesday until tomorrow Wednesday, kid's on leave! Almost didn't make this one cos the boss ALMOST said no. But here we are, in my 2-day mock weekend in the middle of the work week. No places to go to for me. All I want to do is what this kid in the hammock is doing, glorious, blissful sleep :)

Halfway through today and I am liking this! Okay, maybe a few unpleasantries here and there, but over all the sleep and the waking up late make up for it. I get to sleep a lot, watch a lot of TV, and go to the gym at the time want to. Kat likes this.

Today I started watching Chuck and later tonight I shall get back to my old TV shows. I am not so much into spy stuff but I am definitely into adorable nerds so yeah, Chuck is working for me :p Teehee. And since nothing new for HIMYM today and no baby-daddy from Accidentally on Purpose til April, I will reunite with One Tree Hill and Grey's Anatomy before bed time.

Who said vacations have to be somewhere beach-y and coconut-smelling? But yeah, after this one, a real vacation weekend wouldn't hurt. For now, it's hello bed and imaginary TV friends :)

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