Monday, March 15, 2010

Hello Monday!

Monday is always that blunt wake up call telling you the weekend is over and the work week just started. Monday, like death and taxes, is always a sure thing. Always a sure thing.

So today is one of those Mondays where I struggle to get into my groove for the whole work week. Not very good news, I am flailing around and my grasp on the work week is weak and is getting weaker still as I type. It's 2PM and am hella sleepy, my fingers refuse to tap the keyboard to write work stuff, and my brain is stuffy, it refuses to function. I am on leave tomorrow and I think as early as halfway through the day today I am subconsciously refusing to get into the work groove -- it's a "mock weekend" tomorrow again anyway, says my gallivanting consciousness.

Okay, I am bluffing. This is less about Monday and more about something else um, not work-related. I am embarrassed to be writing about this but I have to find a way to get this out of my system. And by getting out of my system, I don't mean calling a girl friend (and by girl friend I mean P) and threshing out detail upon painfully awkward detail to the poor hapless soul. Nope, we are not going that way. Not yet, at least. Today, getting it out of my system will mean writing a vague and ambiguous account of my story here and crossing my fingers it doesn't bug me, at least for the next few days. Here goes.

So Saturday night there was this phone call I took. I had zero expectations about that call. I don't even know why I took it. I think part of me was curious, part of me wanted to be nice, and yeah part of me was also interested. It was a pretty long conversation. I am surprised at the number of things I oh-so willingly shared and at my amusement at the things the caller also shared. More than the sharing, I am more fascinated at how much I enjoyed that conversation. We both laughed a lot and it really felt like talking to an old friend. With the set up and all, that would've been a really freaky, and to some point, creepy call. But it was not all any of those. It was just fun and enjoyable.

And then after the call, I got an sms telling me how the caller also had a grand time talking... okay, maybe not grand, but in my head that was how it was said :p And then there was something about wanting to talk again. I hated that part because that got me clutching my phone like crazy, like a methhead waiting for the next delivery. Okay, maybe that's not a good choice for a simile. But you get the picture?

Ugh, I hate the pining part. This is not how it's supposed to be. On other news, I was smiling like stupid when I woke up. So yeah, I guess am good.

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