Sunday, April 06, 2008

Some thoughts from the working kid

27 days before graduation, I fortunately land myself a job. Nothing I would call glamorous or dreamy, but pretty decent for a first job. I am currently with Headway Business Services being what I call, a dirty little research analyst. I never thought in my life I'd be a researcher. It's just so um, "un-me". For one, it's a very antisocial job, bent over all day in the computer clicking through BOI, PEZA, you get the picture. I would say talking's not such a necessity in this job -- and for that, I think that says a lot about this job being "un-me".

But because I put my @internship on top of my priority list, job hunting for the "real" first job, a job that would translate to something that is based here in the Philippines, will have to take a back seat. My current job may not be "the" job, but I am really happy they took me in even if I will be staying for a mere three months.

Yesterday marked my fourth day at the office. The pressure of the Learning Curve is killing me. I think I am pretty much getting the hang of the job, but I still have this awkward feeling that I am lost. But yeah on the whole, doing pretty good so far.

Interesting story from yesterday, I had to be there at Ken's farewell party. (Not exactly HAD to be there, but more like bullied into being there -- being the Spineless New Employee that I am :P) Ken's an Indonesian kid from work who, I learned from yesterday, apparently comes from some prominent Indonesian clan. The kid's chauffeured to work in the mornings and fetched, I think that says a lot. So with all my four days-worth of "camaraderie" and whatever (nonexistent) friendships I might have made the days preceding that, I had to "party" with people from the office. They were all really nice and kind and interesting, and I mean that in the sincerest way possible. I even gave my word yesterday to Mike (the company top dog), that for the record, I had a great time. (Maybe I did, erm subconsciously? Heehee) For the most part, I was an incoherent, awkward blob. But that's just me. I sincerely believe, people in the office tried their best, and I think special mention goes to Mike, to make me feel part of this thing. And I guess for that my word about having a great time holds true.

I have a few more thoughts about Headway and the interesting dynamics in the office. Will write again soon :)
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