Monday, October 08, 2007


tonight, when am supposed to:
  1. cram/study for the BPE 102 3-hour finals tomorrow that involves 5 30-page powerpoint presentations and twenimilyen PDF files for coverage
  2. cram/read the reading for my SEA 30 socially-relevant paper about a maid in Singapore being spooked out by the dead maid she replaced, and beat out my classmates by turning up a really fabulous paper
  3. cram/write a sem-assessment paper again for SEA30, screw GE's
  4. cram/think about my schedule and when i can possibly squeeze in the extra credit work for 198, which btw is not exactly optional for me given our very incoherent -- and am being nice -- last report.
  5. and basically just be productive because so many major things are looming in my academic life
... i find out that the Grey's Anatomy CD that Rach got me is workeeeeengggg! all 19 freakin eps! aaaaaaa! and it played in the pc and i had to freakin click the stop button lest i end up feeling bad tomorrow about me not knowing anything for the 102 finals. wuh.

the wind blows softly from outside the window -- just perfect for curling up by the bay window and watching til my eyes hurt. want to but can not. boo.


  1. hmmm.. u didnt include 198 exam and her 30 million readings... but thats done.. hehe!
    u shouldve watched grey's.. hahahaha!

  2. onga eh. ang motto ko daw kase nun -- self-control :D makes the ADD kid feel gooood :)


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