Monday, March 21, 2011

The Pretty Boy Hiding Under The Dirty Camos

So last Saturday, me and Dad went to watch, are you ready for this... "World Invasion: Battle Los Angeles." (Can you really expect a movie with that title to be at the least, good?) Dad wanted to see it, me not so much. But as a dutiful daughters go, I went out to watch with him. It was a "meh" movie at best and a little too much testosterone for my taste. At some point I got a headache from all the machine gun shooting and camera panning and zooming.

It would've been a waste of over two hours of time but our friends from Columbia Pictures sure know how to make you think, "not so bad".  Some twenty minutes into the movie and out pops this pretty boy onscreen. Meet, Lieutenant William Martinez of the US Marines aka Ramon Rodriguez in real life.

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This baby boy puts a whole new different meaning to pretty. Look at that face. And that hair. And omg those eyes. And that five o'clock stubble. This boy is "werkin it" without even trying to. Heee. Just sharing new eye candy. Swoon time, all together now :p

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