Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Happy Team Eastwood Entry

Belated belated entry. It's been a good month after crazy training and that event on Nov21st. I just felt like I had to write a token entry to recap the good times I had with the Team. I was reading back two entries ago, and it was just all angst and whiny-ness and I just figured it doesn't do the experience justice. So this is me looking back at the good times :)

Who would have thought I'd share the stage with these girls and um, dance
very suggestively atop a chair in front of the  whole of A.Venue?
Definitely not me :p 

Muay Thai Wars | Nov21st | A. Venue Makati
Waiting for turn at run through
(from left: Franz, Carla, Aiza, me, Aret, Sep, Zan,
Blanche, Lourdes, Cla, Honey)
Early morning of Nov 21st for registration
(clockwise from bottom left: Aiza, Sep, Cla, Franz,

Honey, Anne, Lourdes, Carla, me)

After the marathon
Clockwise from top left:  (left to right: Blanche, me,

Carla, Lourdes, Ann Arellano, Anne Molina)

Team Eastwood after the marathon
(clockwise from top left: Chris, Jumbo, Cla, Carla, me,
Blanche, Lourdes, Sep, Anne, Honey, Zan)

Spent most of my training days with the marathon team before getting moved to the Tribe and for that I'd say the marathon team will always have a special place in my heart :)

You know I really, genuinely appreciate the company when I turn on the cheese. Heehee. I don't think it can be helped. I'd really have to say that more than making it to the Team and competing for the Club, I really appreciate the friends I made along the way. Sure the training was difficult, sure it ate up a lot of time, sure at some point I seriously considered that it was more hassle than fun but this I can say with total certainty and sincerity -- the company more than made up for it :)

Team Dinner | Dec18th | Tony's Bar | Scout Rallos, QC

 Photo op with Jury
(Blanche, me, Mel, Jury, Aret)

Scampering to be part of the photo
(Blanche, me, and Aret)

Hello, goodbye Cla
(Cla, me, and Blanche)

(clockwise from top left: Cla, me, Anne, Philip, Lee, Zan,
Aiza, Jury, Vangie, Carla, Aret, Melo, Blanche)

I couldn't be more thankful for the good times. I met really wonderful people who I most probably wouldn't have known if not for this event. So I am turning the cheese full on and giving out really tight (virtual) bear hugs to all the people in the Team!

I just don't feel like it's complete if I don't rattle off everyone's names so, shoutouts to Lourdes, Anne, Aiza, Zan, Carla, and Sep who together weathered the rough and tumble of coming up with a Tribe prezo. Of course to the Marathon Team Chris, Jumbo, Franz, Honey, and my favorite people Blanche and Cla who definitely made the experience extra fun :)

Sending hugs also to Peter who tirelessly showed love and support for the team, Aret who helped the team out so much it feels incomplete without her, and to Melody who pep-talked me all the way. Much love to all of you <3

Finally! The Cla+Kat photo :)

I just feel like I have to give extra homage to Cla, who is hands down my most favorite teammate :) I'd have to agree with her, it does feel like meeting an old friend. So sending out extra bear hugs to my favorite window shopping buddy, rant-buddy of choice, and my all-around favorite kid!

The event definitely is one of my favorite memories of '09. Thank you, thank you, thank you :)

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