Sunday, May 27, 2007

yey :)

it's a beautiful saturday morning , the sun is up, sherryl crow is on, am pretty happy for a bagong gising -- so yeah, today's a good day :)

turned in my last requirement for the summer yesterday at 5p :) yey! :) so yeah, today it's officially bum time, crunch time :) i finally got down to writing, haven't been wanting to write the whole of summer. i don't know. is it a bad case again of not wanting to talk about things you don't want to think about? you know me, repression's my forte :P

i have been putting off writing for the longest time, so i guess this will be my one time, big time super summer post. fotos so my "essay" will be readable :)

MAIN LIB, GENREF: this has been my home during the entire of summer. i go here day in, day out -- every single day to the surprise of the main lib guards. e.v.e.r.y.d.a.y. I kinda became a lib freak because i needed a place to stay in before my 11a class. i come to UP at 9-ish so thas about 2 full hours ++ of waiting. sometimes my attempts to read were successful, but most of the time NOT. haha, but still i think i deserve some credit cos the readings were extremely cerebral. and thats putting it mildly. we get about 3-inches think worth of readings every so often. not easy. but yeah, you can tell i enjoyed my stay in the lib :)
SOCIO 10 GROUP: i was seriously planning to write a serious entry to be introduced by this foto. this was us (with me taking the foto) doing our first group work in , doing stills para hindi na kame mag-act in front of the class. it was a flop, btw -- at least as far as i was concerned :P i loved this class for a lot of reasons. it was a thinking class for one, and laughtrip everyday -- you know am biased that way. my serious entry about this was supposedly entitled "delusions on grand intelligence" and was to find me talking about society and capitalism and communism (and why it's hatefully stupid). but tinatamad nako and i don't really feel like arguing today, maybe next time. and pati hindi sha mag-fit dito sa supposed subtitle netong summer post nato -- happiness :P

EASTWOOD: this was the first of rach's concert series (i called it rach in manilaa in my multiply and pv's labelled the next rach in manilaa II :P) the one only non-academic trip i made during the summer *coughpatheticcough* haha. rach came over and "hitched" with mommydearest (this post is really starting to reach is tacky-quota. *barf* -- i actually said "mommydearest"? wt*?) so off we went to eastwood and had dinner at cheesecake with gia, kat, pv. powerstation air hockey afterwards! :)
PI fieldtrip: the other part of summer is PI. this is me in kat in the bus. somehow my boy classmates got to bully sir into cancelling the exam and bringing the class to a fieldtrip, instead. so yeah, off we went to laguna to visit the cliched old house of rizal and see the memomorabilia which was presented waay better in that kiddie show Bayani. but then again, who exactly would choose an exam over a fieldtrip? :P and just when i thought the field trip was a lame idea, here i go joining the 40++ other people in the field trip for a class picture. i had fun, so sue me :)

Monday, May 21, 2007

where's that writer again?

it's been a month(?) since i last wrote -- i think. i have plenty of pending posts i have pretty much "written" inside my head. there's this HK trip which i never got to write about, this one about socio class and my grand delusions of intelligence, and this field trip for PI last saturday and that sidetrip to the mall with Mahal.

i dont know. i kinda dont get that writing itch anymore. i dont even get to write in the red journal. am either flying off to somewhere with my very random thoughts, or sleepy, or lethargic, of just not feeling it. haay.

me wants to write again :(
gimme back my magic :(

PS: crs please dont disppoint me again. please?
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