Sunday, May 31, 2009

Kid's a-Twitter

Two months ago, this would have just been called scribbling. But because Twitter has become this site that eats up plenty of my internet time, I'm paying homage to my beloved site, albeit in a very "analog" way. I pretty much spent the last 2 weeks in the office holed up in the pantry, buried in countless binders of readings. It felt like that free library day they gave us back in college, only this one was 2 weeks long! To fight off sleep, I had to scribble (some work-related, most just random stuff and non value-adding, hehe) to keep from dozing off. Some brain farts from a very bored kid.

22 May 2009, Friday
~ so this is how TGIF feels like. It's been long :D
~ I'm psyched about the Hoodie party. Itching to go! I hope they say yes.
~ still pining about winning the contest. Gah. Please let me win.
~ running out of things to do. wondering if I should have brought Q (yes from today on, dear lappy has a name) to the office. I was uneasy about bringing it over to the gym and leaving it inside the lockers with all the stealing incidents from last week. now am stumped. Reading brochures for the umpteenth time.
~ has big bags under her eyes. Consistent 5-hour snooze sched whole week
~highly-likely quarter life crisis-ing
~ considering getting a tat or a piercing. Heck, OR both.
~ my ear canal feels smaller. It hurts from the earphones.

26 May 2009, Tuesday
(today I called it Twitter Beta Analog v1993)
~ maybe Friday was just a bad day. This week's a new week -- fresh start!
~ it's amazing how a pair of smart socks makes a world of a difference on formerly painful pumps :D
~ is thinking about Hoodielicious -- would I be the biggest loser if I came forward and said, Hi I am the Kat you gave the tickets to! Hmm. And that's not it, you haven't heard my photo op line yet. Rawr.
~needs a change in scenery. Fast. The readings are coming out of my ears naaaa. And ooh newsflash, I don't even get get it yet. Somebody talk to meeee.
~craving for a ful meal from Jollibee -- hot, crispy, and juicy chicken (I'd get 2 pieces, heck, I might even take 3!) and steaming rice. Ah, thoughts like this keep me awake on a sleepy Tuesday morning.
~ is on a roll with Gummy Bears and Sour Glowworms -- Red and Purple gummybears are the best, for the glowworms its the blue and pink ones :) To the bears and the worms, please keep me awake.
~ wants to make excuses about how difficult learning EVERYTHING from scratch is -- DIFFICULT. But the grownup part of me tells me I have to be grownup about this and do all I can to stuff everything inside my head.
~ I keep thinking about Andres Bonifacio and Abe Lincoln and how awesomely they have done in self-schooling -- it keeps me motivated. If they made it through law. I should be able to make it through my paints. And I have internet.
~ my head's spinning from all the things I have to squeeze into my head. I'm torn -- I want to learn really fast and be that superstar but my brain sometimes just hibernates on its own and barfs all over. What to do.
~ Ima sucker for good conversations -- gimme someone who can talk about killing cockroaches and keep me glued and am week in the knees. Hay. But yeah, I guess cute's a requisite :P

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Scrunchie-free (and other things)

Two Mondays ago, kid finally took the plunge. With eyes closed, snip snip! I knew Albert the stylist has pretty good hands -- and by that I mean his haircutting skills, behave little young readers. But you know how it is, when you're about to do something really big (as was my case with losing about 4/5 of my hair and retaining a thin lining of hair clinging very closely to my scalp) it can really drive you to paranoia. The odds of the thing turning out horrible is definitely greater than coming out looking like Posh of Posh and Becks.

But yeah, after about 30minutes of bated breath, the haircut was over and done with. I stare into the mirror and gasp! I was a bit unsure. It was such an Extreme Makeover moment. Hehe. I was a bit apprehensive about how I felt about the hair. You know whether I liked it or it was just novel and I was struggling with escalation of commitment. It's been two weeks since, and I'd say I'm liking it more. Am losing the scrunchie, and from where I'm standing , there's no turning back :)

One thing I noticed though was how it brought out the androgynous in the way I look. The first week, I'd say a little too androgynous. Haha! But yeah, I guess I could live with it, cos when I look in the mirror I think of the Agyness Deyn hair -- to each his own daydreams :P Haha! Two weeks into the new hair, I think it's slowly growing into me. And I can't believe the convenience! I've been treating my hair this way even back when it was way longer. Hehe. The difference this time is that even if I slather just a little hair product, it at least looks like I checked myself out before I left the house. So yeah, I think it's gonna be pretty long while before I say hello to my old friend, scrunchie. It's all good :)

The Monday following the haircut (Extreme Makeover) Monday, was Monday first day -- status change from home-staying to non-home-staying aka gainfully employed. It was weird cos just as I was sitting in the offiice, my head was swimming in thoughts of whether I chose well. Yeah I know it was weird to be having those thoughts on your first day at work. But I guess it's all cold feet from the new environment. Thankfully, four days into it and I'd say I'm definitely more certain today than Monday that I chose well. I'm actually trying to contain my excitement :)

I think a part of it is coming from the novelty, but I really believe I am psyched for what this has to offer. There's so much room for learning, new experience, and growing up. It helps too that my boss, from the 4-day look of it, looks to me like someone I will be working pretty well with. But of course, all the potential is pretty much just that unless it actually is translated to action. This thing comes with labor pains -- and my, my brain's been bleeding from trying to take everything in over the last four days. Before you become the superstar, kid's gotta train, and train hard I will. I know it won't be easy and it might take some time, but even I am surprised at the eagerness I feel for all this.

I'd be bold and say there's something great in store for me here . I just pray I be given enogh patience to actually wait it out and see it to fruition. Keeping fingers crossed :)

Friday, May 08, 2009

Gooood Day :)

I haven't said "this was a good day" in long time. Today, I will say it, three times over even -- it was thaaaat good. Today's a really, really, really good day :)

Long entry ahead.

In a nutshell, today felt like it was raining good things. Lemme give a rundown of the small
things (some stupid, but really made my day in a geeky way) that really made me smile today: Getting air time via Jumpstart -- an FB comment and an SMS, getting a little hi from R (heehee, first time in 6 months he acknowledged meeee -- now, this is the stupid part of this list. hehe) hanging out with Melody at the Eastwood Mall and getting treated to Red Mango (yum!) AND AND AND meeting C&D :)

The getting airtime in Jumpstart part.
Show starts at 4 so I made sure I remembered that. Gino and Fran and R1 buddy Albert were hilarious. The show felt like a scene from high school with all the banter and wisecracks. I decided to join the show via FB answering today's Quick Question. I logged in at home while packing for the gym. I was hoping to hear it agad but it didn't air up until I was out driving. Until, dun dun dun... like 30minutes into my ride I heard Fran read out messages they got through FB. And then she went, "from Katrina..." -- hey, thas meeee. I got all kilig. Haha! So that's how it feels to get your messages read out on radio.

Then came the Libis traffic. The Combat class was at 630PM. By 620 I was already by IPI entering Libis, and then traffic started to crawl. The 5minute cruise to Eastwood took something like 15. So while at it, I decided to give Jumpstart another try. I Sent an SMS saying how I got all kilig when my message was read out. After crawling it out in the traffic, I finaly got the the gym but didn't run to class cos I still might run into the reading of my text. Just about the time I was to unplug the earphones off of my ears, Fran read out my text :) Now I can go to Combat class -- only 15minutes late. I felt like a reatard the whole time cos there was this stupid grin I couldn't take off my face. I was thaaat amused. Haha.

The Red Mango with Melody part. After Combat, I was still bursting with energy. One because of the high from my Jumpstart airtime, and another because I came in really late I wasn't exhausted yet. I went over to Melody for some small talk about the last track of the class being karaoke-able. (She was a girl I met inside, wait for it -- the sauna. Haha! Yes, that place must've made many a great friendship, with all the nekkid-ness. Haha!) We were both laughing when she noticed my eyebrows. I got compliments :) Apparently, she's some eyebrow guru and she has tips on how to groom my eyebrows better. Next thing I know, we were at Beauty Bar looking for the eyebrow scissors she was telling me, checking out (really expensive) stuff, and making small talk with her sales lady friend, Marge.

M really has this thing with people, it's amazing. I was surprised at the invitation to go malling -- the mall was just right across the gym, but it i think it's the closeness of having to be just with each other. I just find it pleasantly surprising to be hanging with her with maybe less than 10mins worth of small talk prior to that. It amazes me because I don't think I have enough friendliness to ask random people to go with me say, to the mall. I think she's a really nice person. I'm happy she asked me cos I think now we're officially friends. Hehe.

As if all that nice-ness wasn't enough, we popped over at Red Mango and M got us frozen yoghurt! Nice can't even begin to tell you what I think of her. She got green tea yoghurt with pineapples and blueberries and kiwi fruit. I got green tea yoghurt with corn flakes and muesli. It was yummy :) Thanks again!

The Meeting Chico and Delle part. Inside Red Mango, I spot Chico and Delled eating by the tables outside. I ask M ever so casually if she knew them. She told me she listens to RX everyday! And she went on to say that we should approach them. Aaaaaah! I was dancing inside my head :D When we got our frozen yoghurt, we went out and we did what I have been wanting to do since forever. We approached C&D and said we were fans! Gahd, I've long wanted to do that. I just wanted to thank them for making my mornings happy :)

Good thing I have this dialogue inside my head that I have long rehearsed for when I see them. I have it ready in my head, just in case -- I've been a listener since I was 11. I'm 22 now, so I have been listening to you guys for a looong time. I just wanted to say that you guys make my mornings :D

Now I sleep happy.

P.S. Kid's now on Twitter! Follow me! :)

Geeky and um, freaky

So this person G, has officially invaded my head. Not that he has anyting to do with it. It's like I managed to bombard my head with all things G, and now, it's like 3 of the 5 things in my head has to do about him. I feel like my 11-year old old self crushing on some boy from the grades above us. Fun and funny. Err, maybe just funny.

The web has been pretty "helpful" at filling me in on little stupid snippets about G that I won't have any use for, but I'd still care to know about anyway. There's something about finding out similarities between you and this current pick that makes you feel all fluffy in the inside. And reading what I just wrote kind of makes me feel retarded :P

Guilty pleasures suck -- and are really fun. Hehe. On to the stuff, G likes the rain and the cold weather and isn't a fan of the sun. I love the rain and Rach can tell you how much she thinks I'm a loser for not loving the beach and the sun. I can't explain it, but I just don't. What's funny is that since its summer,
everyone's just tanned OR burnt pretty much everywhere I go . So I stick out like a white little sore thumb that didn't get to go to the beach. And G in his own circle is pretty much the only white person in the sea of cool people who all got to frolic under the sun. We're like the Cullens of the summer season! Haha! And now, we're just all too happy the rain's and its dark cloud friends are back, with a storm in tow. I think a little L just formed on my forehead :P

On to other stuff, G's a loser -- but he's the adorable kind. And according to some news flash I got from P last year, I dig loser boys. I'm trying to recall whether I liked G first and then found out he was a loser, or found out he was a loser and then started liking him. Ooh, recalling freaky stalker moments of the past few days, who's the bigger loser now? Haha!

I think that's enough freaky revelations for the night. Signing off before I scare away friends who are reading this blog. Heehee. Disclaimer: I'm not that freaky. Haha! I should probably just go watch DVDs and be normal.

Goodnight G :)

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Twitter and Haircuts

Okay, so I'm done being restless. I have given my yes and no yesterday, I'd say both pretty successful. Although I couldn't help but feel a little sorry for saying no. And no, this doesn't have anything to do about me feeling like a superstar. I guess no is really just a difficult answer for me to give out. But I guess, I have moved past the struggle, and I say today is an um, new start. Okay, maybe not really today. But at least today's devoid of restlessness and onomatopoeia (spelled it from the top of my head! ha!) and because of those two, I'd say today's a better day than say, the whole of last week :)

I'm practicing being articulate so I'll be writing a tad more than I used to the past month. Maybe. I just hope this doesn't turn into a dear diary sort of thing. Hehe. Oh, the thrills of an 11-year old fifth grader :P

I am thinking about signing up for a Twitter account. Two weeks ago, I was like "Twitter-whut?" but thanks to the RX jocks who have all been raving about sending and receiving tweets, and well ranting about becoming addicted to the thing, I got all curious. Plus there was the Gino and Fran Twitter War on Jumpstart.
So, I decided to check it out for myself. I've been to Twitter a good number of times, getting entertained reading from the jocks' Twitter pages and their 'followers'. Or no, maybe I have been to Twitter a whole lot I have actually learned how the thing works -- even though I haven't opened an account for myself yet. Hehe.

And then today, while checking out Twitter pages, I found Blair (hers was locked, though), Serena, Nate, Chuck, and Jessica tweeting each other! The GG boys and girls are tweeting about the season finale. How fun is that? Err, or how shamelessly star struck am I? Haha! So, to tweet or not to tweet? Answer boy!

Another thing eating up brainspace, for quite a while actually, is getting a haircut. A really short one. Think Posh with the new brunette pixie cut, Natalie Portman, and um Elisha Cutberth, I just am not sure how recent her haircut was. (It just dawned on me how gorgeous these women are. So, is that like a req to having really short hair? And more importantly, should be concerned? Haha!) I've been thinking about it for a year actually, and well, it just kept getting put off.

I've always had pony-able hair since I don't know, forever maybe. And I have always sported a ponytail. I have really thick, wavy hair so unless I get my hair rebonded, leaving it down is kind of icky and inconvenient. The only times I can let my hair down are when either the weather's really chilly or I had my hair blow-dried. Other than that, it's funtional chick in a ponytail for me (er, I can't believe I just called my self an um, chick).

So cutting my hair really short will be something really big. I think it's time for a hair change. The ponytail's really convenient but I think my head could use a little rest from wet hair ponytails. All I need is the final decision on length (I've had some objections on the pixie cut cos my Mum worries I might end up looking like a boy), the place to have it done (I think so much is resting on this because I think a really good haircut concept is very easy to botch given the wrong salon. And gad, it's super easy to go wrooong), and oh, just those two. Think, think, think.

P.S. Ooh, any comments from Sg? I remember the first time I brought the hair cutting issue before, I got really violent reactions. Hehe. Go google pixie. Tell me whatchathink. I may listen to outside opinions. Or not. We'll see. Haha!

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Restless Tuesday Morning

Yes, good morning to you, too.

Wow, My last entry wasn't even a good 12 hours ago. This is an odd confused state because it's causing me to write/blog/share TMI on the web. Or word diarrhea, I can't really say. I don't really write when am confused, I more like, brood.

When I'm confused, I turn to onomatopoeia (ha! I googled this pa, just to be surewith the spelling) and make really, really weird sounds that hurt the throat. I don't know why I do, but I dunno, it sometimes feels like an involuntary thing. My dad does it too, when he's angry, or frustrated, or both. Maybe I got that from him. It's sort of like a stifled scream that sounds like it really hurts in the throat. It's some form of release -- whether it works or not, am not really sure.

Okay, this is me stalling. While I'm at it, lemme tell you about hmm, another virtual adventure. I found a um, a boy, not in a regular sort of way like meeting the person at school or something. More like heard the boy, let's call him G, over the radio. G's smart and had interesting thoughts. And then some cyberstalking ensued. Interestingly, he also looks um, very interesting. He's cute (okay, that's me holding it in. He's really cute) by the average reasonable person standards but he has this nerd aura. He's confident and self conscious at the same time, and I think that's really sexy. Haha. He writes, has emotional issues, is a sap, and are you ready for this -- he captions photos! G's really
a cute little loser! This guy is my guy! Haha!

Okay, enough stalling. I really like this boy, but I have to make calls. Wish me luck. Rawr.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Konfused Kid Strikes Again

Kid's friggin confused. No wait, that's still an understatement. I'll quit the words and try the more apt -- aaargh! Okay, corny and futile.

Haven't been writing a lot cos kid's busy trying to turn life around. Moving from home-staying, just gym-going, parent-helping, non-employed kid to tax-paying, career-building, useful young kid. It's been a merry mix of crazy internet hours, more than my fill of the year's frustration, and a small, flickering glimmer of faith in the goodness of life. Hehe. You can tell I'm having a ball with the adjectives.

Long story short, prayers have been answered (whose exactly, not sure) and the crazy internet hours paid off. Sort of. Now I have the power to choose. Ulk, I hate choosing. Although I love the fact that I am on the choosing end, it still sucks, cos I really go through such difficult time deciding. I asked for a week. One more trip to dreamland, and I'll need my spine back first thing tomorrow to give out my yes (and my no). I've never been this torn.

Part of me's wishing, I was just choosing between two really smart, and cute, and charming, and funny boys. On second thought, that'd probably be as difficult. But then again, in case things don't pan out well between us, it's not gonna appear as a failed 5-month stint on my resume. But just in case the universe got it all mixed up, youcan throw the abovementioned boys my way, I wont complain :P

Back to (the whining) business, I'm really thankful for the opportunities. I think the pressure's coming from the fact that I am pinning my hopes on this one, whichever it may be. I am pinning my 3-year plans on this one. I've missed not so long ago, I can't afford to miss the next one. I've had my first chance, didn't exactly make it, and threw the chance of the first time away -- and I'd say for good reason. There's just so much resting on this one. I'd say second time's the charm and I really hope this works out well.

Hay. Tomorrow's D(ecision) day and I really pray I make the right one. Thanks P for your thoughts on this one. I think time's the last thing I considered on this decision. Grown up painssss. Times like this make me wish I were 6 and I could duck under my Mum's pits. Rawr. But I choose not to. I am an adult, and I shall make an adult decision.

Tomorrow I shall show you, I am no spineless betch.
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