Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Restless Tuesday Morning

Yes, good morning to you, too.

Wow, My last entry wasn't even a good 12 hours ago. This is an odd confused state because it's causing me to write/blog/share TMI on the web. Or word diarrhea, I can't really say. I don't really write when am confused, I more like, brood.

When I'm confused, I turn to onomatopoeia (ha! I googled this pa, just to be surewith the spelling) and make really, really weird sounds that hurt the throat. I don't know why I do, but I dunno, it sometimes feels like an involuntary thing. My dad does it too, when he's angry, or frustrated, or both. Maybe I got that from him. It's sort of like a stifled scream that sounds like it really hurts in the throat. It's some form of release -- whether it works or not, am not really sure.

Okay, this is me stalling. While I'm at it, lemme tell you about hmm, another virtual adventure. I found a um, a boy, not in a regular sort of way like meeting the person at school or something. More like heard the boy, let's call him G, over the radio. G's smart and had interesting thoughts. And then some cyberstalking ensued. Interestingly, he also looks um, very interesting. He's cute (okay, that's me holding it in. He's really cute) by the average reasonable person standards but he has this nerd aura. He's confident and self conscious at the same time, and I think that's really sexy. Haha. He writes, has emotional issues, is a sap, and are you ready for this -- he captions photos! G's really
a cute little loser! This guy is my guy! Haha!

Okay, enough stalling. I really like this boy, but I have to make calls. Wish me luck. Rawr.

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