Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Twitter and Haircuts

Okay, so I'm done being restless. I have given my yes and no yesterday, I'd say both pretty successful. Although I couldn't help but feel a little sorry for saying no. And no, this doesn't have anything to do about me feeling like a superstar. I guess no is really just a difficult answer for me to give out. But I guess, I have moved past the struggle, and I say today is an um, new start. Okay, maybe not really today. But at least today's devoid of restlessness and onomatopoeia (spelled it from the top of my head! ha!) and because of those two, I'd say today's a better day than say, the whole of last week :)

I'm practicing being articulate so I'll be writing a tad more than I used to the past month. Maybe. I just hope this doesn't turn into a dear diary sort of thing. Hehe. Oh, the thrills of an 11-year old fifth grader :P

I am thinking about signing up for a Twitter account. Two weeks ago, I was like "Twitter-whut?" but thanks to the RX jocks who have all been raving about sending and receiving tweets, and well ranting about becoming addicted to the thing, I got all curious. Plus there was the Gino and Fran Twitter War on Jumpstart.
So, I decided to check it out for myself. I've been to Twitter a good number of times, getting entertained reading from the jocks' Twitter pages and their 'followers'. Or no, maybe I have been to Twitter a whole lot I have actually learned how the thing works -- even though I haven't opened an account for myself yet. Hehe.

And then today, while checking out Twitter pages, I found Blair (hers was locked, though), Serena, Nate, Chuck, and Jessica tweeting each other! The GG boys and girls are tweeting about the season finale. How fun is that? Err, or how shamelessly star struck am I? Haha! So, to tweet or not to tweet? Answer boy!

Another thing eating up brainspace, for quite a while actually, is getting a haircut. A really short one. Think Posh with the new brunette pixie cut, Natalie Portman, and um Elisha Cutberth, I just am not sure how recent her haircut was. (It just dawned on me how gorgeous these women are. So, is that like a req to having really short hair? And more importantly, should be concerned? Haha!) I've been thinking about it for a year actually, and well, it just kept getting put off.

I've always had pony-able hair since I don't know, forever maybe. And I have always sported a ponytail. I have really thick, wavy hair so unless I get my hair rebonded, leaving it down is kind of icky and inconvenient. The only times I can let my hair down are when either the weather's really chilly or I had my hair blow-dried. Other than that, it's funtional chick in a ponytail for me (er, I can't believe I just called my self an um, chick).

So cutting my hair really short will be something really big. I think it's time for a hair change. The ponytail's really convenient but I think my head could use a little rest from wet hair ponytails. All I need is the final decision on length (I've had some objections on the pixie cut cos my Mum worries I might end up looking like a boy), the place to have it done (I think so much is resting on this because I think a really good haircut concept is very easy to botch given the wrong salon. And gad, it's super easy to go wrooong), and oh, just those two. Think, think, think.

P.S. Ooh, any comments from Sg? I remember the first time I brought the hair cutting issue before, I got really violent reactions. Hehe. Go google pixie. Tell me whatchathink. I may listen to outside opinions. Or not. We'll see. Haha!


  1. i know how a pixie cut looks like thankyouverymuch :) i think it's a tad out of style now, had you thought of it a year ago, that would have been cool :) on the plus side, the cut shows you're edgy...or at least you want to be :D

  2. Pixie IS 2009! Go check out your Holllywood!

    On being edgy, I seriously think an edgy haircut MAY be able to make up for an um, less exciting personality! Haha!

    Gah, I hate fickle. Must have balls.


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