Monday, July 14, 2008

Quote Unquote 2

More one-liners from TV shows that eat up 98% of my free time :P

I've been willing myself to write this entry for a few months now but never got around to it (along with the 99% of my to-do list :P). The quotes are not in any way related but each with a little nugget of wisdom (or idiocy, but in a funny, witty way, so forgivable) in them. Ooh, common thread I figured, is that some of the lines are from my all-time favorite losers, Ted Mosby of HIMYM and Dan from Dan in real Life. But then again, some are from somewhere else. Hmmm, really there is no common thread. Heehee, forgive the fickle kid :P

Ted Mosby to Lily when she said she's freaking out about having cold feet 3 months before her wedding
"Marriage is big. You're allowed to freak out."

From one of the songs in RENT
"Forget regret or life is yours to miss"

Also from RENT (I think I loved this for the very reason that I cannot, and am guessing will never, do it)
"Let's find a bar so dark, we forget who we are."

Dan of Dan in Real Life singing back-up to brother, but really singing it to Marie
"Let my love open the door... to your heart"

Dan to his kids (I loved it for the sheer simplicity and stinging reality)
"Plan to be surprised "

Future Ted of HIMYM to his kids talking about his friendship with Robin. This was the one when they had relapse sex on the eve of Thanksgiving and decided they cannot be friends anymore but were proven wrong.
"Friendship is an involuntary reflex, it just happens, you cant help it"

From the Morning Rush Top Ten on Metaphors (an entry which I recommended Friendcess take as her life adage :P)
"I am like good coffee -- medyo bitter"

Again from the Morning Rush Top Ten on Metaphors
"Family are like fudge -- mostly sweet with a few nuts."

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