Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Struggling...err, more like Wrestling

The once office-going kid started being the home-staying kid July 1. Effectively, it's been 14 days already since I have been home-based, with a usable computer, fast internet at my disposal, food for when I get hungry, my bedroom for when I feel sleepy -- pretty much no excuse for not having anything accomplished.

My blurry to do list has basically 3 things on it: send TN emails, clean room, bum. The third one is definitely getting in the way of 1 and 2. It's been 14 days of struggling to get things done but always getting sidetracked by naps, mindless free TV, Multiply, Facebook, and every other thing I stumble upon. I hate it that I have roughly the attention span of a fly -- always finding other things more colorful, more interesting, and more delicious-looking. I just had to write this entry because I told myself maybe if I get the distractions out of the way, maybe, just maybe, I can start firing out those emails. I am still crossing my fingers this way of fooling myself works.

For days on end, I have had my TN forms open as word files but really, I am off to the world wide web surfing to my hearts delight. Totally not working. I just keep myself happy by having these word files open, convincing myself that somehow, after snooping this last journal entry of this person, or uploading this last album, I will find it in me to click on the Word file and actually start reading them. And then finally decide whether I want this TN and then send an email with my CV. But no, every two seconds I find an interesting post from people, my multiply backlog of pictures does not run out of albums for posting. It's frustrating really. Muh -- I kinda wanna say I hate myself, but I take it back, I can't find it in me to hate myself. Hehe.

I shall go close this window, and go on as planned. Close internet conection, go up to my room and finally open AND read the TN forms. Just you wait, I shall blast you with an email balst update. And the struggle, err.. wrestle with productivity beginsssss.

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