Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Dumdeedumdeedum-ing to March

We're three days away from the Feasib deadline. Hohum. Nobody seems to be flustered, though. It's as if we're just waiting for Thursday to get over and done with. And no, I don't take it against anyone from Merry Feasib (and yeah, that's really how the collective's called :P), cos I pretty much feel the same. I guess everyone really lost "it" (um, magic? or excitement? I can't put a word to it, so for blogging purposes, "it" shall suffice) when we got news of the three-week extension.

And NO defense -- I still can't make up my mind about how I should feel about that. On the one hand, it takes this big cloud over your head. No more clammy hands and the dugdug of heavy heartbeats from worrying about stuttering mid-report. It's kind of a sigh of relief. Kind of. On the other hand, I feel like the defense is kind of a rite of passage before you really can call yourself a graduate, especially from BA. Some part of me feels like we're missing out on something there. Oh well, I might be getting overly emotional. Hayhay.

The thing that makes our feasib more stressful, is the fact that we can't quite pin it down whether we got it easier or we were only led to believe that. The instructions on the technical study (or the supposed absence of it, since were were getting Eng'g Feasibs) was really unclear. Pwede meron, pwede wala. Which kind of clouds the entire rationale for the feasib originally being given only two months working time. Okay, enough issues for the day :P

But in all fairness to Merry Feasib ( am kinda getting the hang of calling it that, it still feels awkward in the tongue though. Haha), the group dynamics more than made up for the shitty things we endured in class. I was about to say some shitty emotional speech, but I guess that'll have to wait until after we turn in THE feasib. No getting ahead of ourselves. So yeah, expect a really emotional post after Thursday :P Heehee.

Here's to three full days of REAL cramming. Let's go, Wego! (Haha, just had to write that :P)


  1. since i already know how you feel after your "merry" feasib submission, uhmmm.... so, was it merry feasib? haha!

  2. The after feasib feeling was a different all together, haha. But in hindsind, it still was a merry feasib :)


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