Thursday, January 31, 2008

One last stretch before our hibernation

It's two in the morning, and we're still here at Cuayo's. Fourteen hours away from our deadline and all acting weird like anything. Sleep is very much a luxury and if we all had our way, I know we'd all drop everything , including lappies in the Char Arias Mode, to hit the sack. I wish this were just a reflection paper I could cram and then leave. But NO. This. is the Feasifrickinbility Study. Wuh. Maybe if I close my eyes it'll all go away. But I open my eyes again and the Word file is still waiting for me.

One last stretch before our hibernation....

Sleep well, sleep well. Sleep tomorrow you shall be comodified. I shall have too much of you til you come out of my ears. My eyes are NOT going to give up on me til 5pm later. Fourteen frickin hours.

Okay, enough stalling. Back to Writing.

P.S. I shall be forever grateful to Rachelle Lim for doing our diagrams and working on my (badass) Gantt Chart! :) Thankyouuuu!


  1. katc: thanks rach! *big hug*
    rach: no prob. anytime. :D

    **i know how it feels.


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