Friday, May 20, 2011

Ties that Bind Halfway Across the World aka The "Moses Flies To The Philippines One Random Monday" Story

The Picking Up At the Airport Part
It was a sleepy Monday afternoon when, from out the blue, I got a tweet from Tet asking me if I could, and I quote, "scoop me up at the airport on Tuesday around 10?"

What do you say to that? I haven't seen him in  years! Of course the answer is , YES I absofrickinlutely CAN. I was too giddy all I ever got to type was - OMG. ARE YOU KIDDING ME. YOU BETTER NOT BE.

A flurry of tweets in between and the next one I got was, "I got the tickets!!!" and the rest of that crazy Monday was a blur of stupid smiling to myself and random bursts of OMG. I CAN'T BELIEVE TET'S FLYING OUT. Long story short, I got to the airport on Tuesday and scoop him up I did.

Here's how the Twitter exchange on the spontaneous trip between me and Tet look like.

Just a little side story on how I almost did not see him and picked up another guy that wasn't Tet. Here goes: I got to arrivals a little later than expected because traffic at the service road was crazy. To amp the excitement some more, my phone lovingly died on me. So yay!

First attempt to pick up Tet, I scaled the whole arrivals looking for Moses. I must've walked Bays 1 to 20 about three times but still no signs of Tet. There was this guy though, in a very uncharacteristic boring black shirt and non-descript white baseball cap. I felt Tet wouldn't show in those clothes but the guy looked eerily like Tet so I was positive that must've been him.

I got fooled once, so I ended up shouting "Tet!" thrice with my beaming omg-I-have-not-seen-you-in-five-years! smile while walking to said guy in black shirt. I called out with a loud voice but I was four feet away and he still wasn't flinching. Doubt swept over me and I walked away still not knowing whether Black Shirt guy was Tet or not. Even more exciting, since my phone died so I have no way of ringing him to check.

 I got whistled at by the guard, which means I have to bring the car around again. Second round at the arrivals and who should I see.. Black Shirt guy still there with all four taped up boxes neatly stacked on his trolley. I said to myself I'd go around the arrivals one more time and if still no one, I'd poke said guy in black.

So I turn around to walk to the other side and SURPRISE! Tet was right behind me! I was so surprised/flustered/ecstatic/relieved/unbelievably happy to see him, 2 seconds after seeing him, I hugged him so tight, it broke any ice there was. I let go of him, to check if it really was him, and then I hugged him again. I lost count of how many times I said "Ohmygod".

We sat in the car for about 5 minutes kind of soaking it all in. The whole 5 minutes was pretty much just me saying, "Omg. I can't believe you're here" and then holding his arm to kind of assure me that he really IS here, skin and bones and flesh. I have no words for I felt that night :)

Next up: The 24-hour Kat+Tet Marathon and The Fake Engagement and the Fake Pregnancy Scare

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