Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Vanilla Ice Cream Daydream

Exactly a week before today, I went to the doctor to get checked. The past few months have seen me gaining weight and I was scared because whatever I did, I couldn't stop it. I go to the gym pretty regularly and I'd consider what I'd do pretty intense. It's not like I walk in and spend 5 minutes in the treadmill. I think I do pretty considerable exertion which was why the weight gain came as a surprise.

The Weight Gain
It started as the tummy bulge. I remember going to yoga class and feeling weird because some of the poses I could do with ease before, I couldn't do easily anymore. I was flexible yes, but my tummy was getting in the way. The first time for that class I looked into the mirror, I was surprised at the bulge. By gad, was it big!

And then came the tightening of the clothes. First it was the pants. It started with the difficulty in closing the buttons. Them came the tightening in the thighs. Until it got so tight, I literally turn purple when I sit down. And then the uniform blouse. Sometimes I pity the poor blue cloth for all the torture it takes, the buttons look like they wanna jump out of my top! And then I notice I am always cranky. Now I realize it was because my clothes were so tight, it's not funny anymore.

Some (not-so) Neat Tricks
I was starting to panic a little so to halt the gain, I tried taking rice out of my diet for 3 whole weeks. This was a mean feat and a badass EQ test. Sadly, 3 weeks of cutting rice came with disappointing results. In fairness, the weight gain stopped, but I wasn't losing as well, which isn't as bad, but you know, still not good enough. A part of me was scared that there might be something wrong with my blood, halting the weight loss, or worse, something wrong with my thyroid. This was what encouraged the doctor's visit.

"The Talk"
Back to the doctor's visit. The doctor started by asking what I wanted, whether something drastic triggered the visit, and what I was willing to do. We had a pretty lengthy discussion about what I ate, what I should eat, and more importantly, what I should NOT eat.

I was pinning my hopes of weight loss on this doctor's visit but somehow I really wasn't expecting much. My doctor surprised me the wealth of information she shared. Even my Mum tells me she learned a lot. I stepped out of the doctor's office a little more informed and a little more smarter about my food choices. I knew the most difficult part would be saying NO to that one thing I loved the most -- DESSERT.

The Verdict
The diet plan wasn't so drastic. It's pretty much manageable; cut out a little rice, cut out a little snack, and surprisingly, do not skip dinner. What broke my heart was when the good doctor said to limit dessert to, are you ready for this... jello and sherbet. Oh, sorry. Jello and NON-FAT sherbet, the kind that's pwede for diabetics.

She didn't say exactly (maybe she didn't have the heart to) but those that made it to my "Okay Dessert List" definitely does not include vanilla ice cream, chocolate, not even... gasp! frozen yogurt. I crumble inside at the thought of this.

Apparently the weight gain was coming from the sweets I excessively, but unwittingly, stuff my face with. I really honestly thought the Rebisco filled biscuits I eat for snacks to tide me between meals don't count for anyting. At least that's what my head likes to think. I didn't know that if I consume something around 4 packs of those 4-biscuit packs, I already consumed 600 empty calories, I mistakenly thought don't count for anything. 600 calories of sweet biscuits equivalent to two decent, healthy, filling lunches. 600 calories already equivalent to more a third of my daily allowance.

The most difficult part is giving up my dessert. So far in the past week, I've only missed once. I had a Yo Swirl with Blanche at Shang last Saturday. This no-dessert thing is killing me. Seriously, when I close my eyes, all I can see is a pretty little scoop of creamy vanilla ice cream. Or a hefty slice of oreo cheesecake. Or a chocnut. But yeah, you gotta do what you gotta do.

In fair, what keeps me going is the fact that I'd tout my first week successful. So yeah, for now I'd stick to my vanilla ice cream daydream.

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