Saturday, March 03, 2007

another day at the office err.. school

today is social awareness day. gia and i were off to the convocation in BA for Tuesday's election. and yeah, there really are some people who like what they like -- like running for public office. then my un-feeling issues surfaced again. i guess am gonna have to find out for myself what will make me want to get involved -- again.

quotable thingum -- from me to gia:
*fresh from the Miting de Avance plus some JMA election nuggets * you should realize what the voting public can do to you -- they ask questions to grill you, catch you off guard, and make themselves appear witty. you are only as good as your worst flaw :P haha, i felt like i was brimming with soo much wisdom :P

the day felt like it just rolled by -- went passed me ng walang pasabi. another day. another... hrmm, wala naman ako maisip.

valdez was telling me about this Kellis song -- that i have to hear daw. ego boosters for low self-esteem people daw. ha. i hate it -- i love it already! :P percussion's reeeaally good, and i love the hoarse voice + oldies feel of it :) hay valdez. MJ parin ako! :P haha.

there's this weird feeling welling up inside my tummy.
no, not right. cannot be.
you nurse the feeling, and -- kaboom.
ayayayayay :O

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