Tuesday, March 06, 2007

bring it on

i've always had this bring-it-on attitude since i learned preparing for schoolwork. OR, since i thought i learned preparation. you just get tired of staying up late reading, and thinking about whether you're prepared enough or not. the stuff you read eats up your system, and it's all you think about day in, day out. you get saturated, you just want to flush it out of you. it's that feeling you get when you just want to get everything over and done with.

now i just badly want to say bring it on. this Finance second exam is driving me nuts. seriously. i am very deathly scared of thursday -- very scared, i shudder a the thought. and i say that not just for the poetic value of it. i mean it. the exam covers six friggin chapters plus my notes plus cases plus random reminders from Sir. am definitely not one you'd call GC, but here i am shaking at the thought of taking that exam. believe me, it's that hard. and for that, i just can't say bring it on.

i've never really had strong feelings for mediocrity and lack of talent -- until this Finance.i hate it that because of this all my issues about meiocrity are surfacing. wuh. and now i have to (have to) deal with them. all of them.

hay life.

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