Thursday, March 08, 2007

because my life now is about the exams i take

Finance tomorrow.

and yes, i write despite the exam that looms :0

that weird truth about my life still holds true, two years after i wrote about it -- that the mundane useless things in life seem v. exciting to do when important, high-stakes tasks need to be done. always. and yeah, the ADD isn't helping. gah. *i am now shuffling between writing my 152 paper and reading for my Finance exam tomorrow -- and yeah, writing this stupid entry*

i was just thinking -- i kinda feel grown up. (and no, don't ask me. it's not about time management, or priority-setting :P) i figured i don't anymore succumb to the -- hrmm, how do i call this -- basta, this. i find myself assessing things beyond their superficial whatever.i figured, i now know when there are things i cannot have -- and am happy i don't anymore throw (secret) tanrums swimming in self-pity about why i can't. grown up OR passive. hrrmm, di pa pala ako sigurado.

grown up nalang :) diba, it takes a lot to realize that there are things you can't have with just sheer assertiveness. there's this thing called -- not for you, if in case you haven't heard of that.

isa pa. life's package deals aren't exactly how you want them. parang Happy Meal yan eh. you want rice and chicken and sundae plus the stupid toy. but Mcdo says their Happy Meal has spaghetti and chicken plus coke and the stupid toy. you can't argue with the cashier person and tell her you are the customer and that you ARE right. you can have your chicken and rice meal and sundae, but without the stupid toy. if you badly want the stupid toy, pay for the other things you don't want. have your chicken, but for the stupid toy, pay for the spaghetti and friends as well. well, save for those times when you actually like the food in the Happy Meal, you'd have to make do without the chicken, suffer the spaghetti, all in the name of the stupid toy.

ok ok, i prolly got carried away with the Happy Meal and the stupid toy. i hope i got the point across :P

or not? hrmm.

basta. in life, there are things you want, but meron catch. all in the name of the stupid toy, you'd have to suffer sweet spaghetti and other things you don't want . it's always a trade-off.

whatever. baka inaantok nako.

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