Thursday, September 23, 2010


Every time I think of LD82, I am awash with really good memories -- the peace and quiet, the belongingness, the quiet rest, the stories, and my brain can go on and on naming the many different things that LD82 weekend was for me. But I think my favorite take away from the retreat would have to be my sharegroup (yes, I think we do have to think of a shorter, cuter name).

JR and Giddi and the back of my head
Mavic and me and my super story

Like I mentioned in a previous entry about the retreat, a rule on silence was imposed on the second day of the retreat. It was a strictly silent Saturday, save for the stories we shared in the sharegroup. After Tom, the first sharer, all our names were called out into groups of 3. I remember my name being called out for group 3 and proceeding to the end of a tiny hallway in Karis. Little did I know, that that group would change the course of the rest of my retreat.

What to Know When You're 25(ish)

I saw this post from Gia on Facebook the other day and I just thought  that all 25ish kids should read it. I was blown away and given fresh perspective. I am reposting it here for posterity. I am also reposting it in the hopes of getting more 25ish people to read it. This article is a goldmine of precious insight. I hope you find a similar renewed sense of priority and at clearer sense of direction like I did. Read the original Relevant Magazine article here.

WHAT TO KNOW WHEN YOU'RE 25ish by Shauna Niequist
Here are the things really worth caring about in your 20s.
When you’re 25-ish, you’re old enough to know what kind of music you love, regardless of what your last boyfriend or roommate always used to play. You know how to walk in heels, how to tie a necktie, how to give a good toast at a wedding and how to make something for dinner. You don’t have to think much about skin care, home ownership or your retirement plan. Your life can look a lot of different ways when you’re 25: single, dating, engaged, married. You are working in dream jobs, pay-the-bills jobs and downright horrible jobs. You are young enough to believe that anything is possible, and you are old enough to make that belief a reality.
Now is the time to figure out what kind of work you love to do. What are you good at? What makes you feel alive? What do you dream about? You can go back to school now, switch directions entirely. You can work for almost nothing, or live in another country, or volunteer long hours for something that moves you. There will be a time when finances and schedules make this a little trickier, so do it now. Try it, apply for it, get up and do it.
When I was 25, I was in my third job in as many years—all in the same area at a church, but the responsibilities were different each time. I was frustrated at the end of the third year because I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do next. I didn’t feel like I’d found my place yet. I met with my boss, who was in his 50s. I told him how anxious I was about finding the one perfect job for me, and quick. He asked me how old I was, and when I told him I was 25, he told me that I couldn’t complain to him about finding the right job until I was 32. In his opinion, it takes about 10 years after college to find the right fit, and anyone who finds it earlier than that is just plain lucky. So use every bit of your 10 years: try things, take classes, start over.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Belated Glee Love

I can now finally join the hordes of teens, tweens, and adults with undying show choir dreams as they eagerly await Glee Season 2! Yes, I spent my Wednesday night trying very hard to hold back tears (and failing terribly) over the  first Glee season finale :p And just right on time, a few days before the season two premier, I finally finally finished all 22 episodes!

My new loves!
(I know, I know a little late. But right on time for S2! :p)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Silent Retreat Attempt#4

I went on a Silent Retreat on the last weekend of August. It's been 2 weeks since and I still haven't published my token "retreat" entry. I actually tried to write about it, at least 3 times already. I've had 3 different opening paragraphs from 3 separate attempts, but somehow, none of them feel like they do the experience justice. So if this entry actually made it to "Publish" status on my blog then let's all give a big woop woop to the entry that almost didn't make it!

 LD82 yo! Everyone :D

I think the retreat was such a momentous experience, it feels like I take away from the experience if I write about it wrong. So now, this this is attempt #4 and hopefully, finally get to put the experience into writing before the feeling goes away.

Thursday, September 02, 2010

The Secret Place with the Dolphins and the Floaters and this Weird Body of Water

Two nights ago, I dreamt this certain place again. I've been to this "dream place" a few times in my past dreams, but it was only two days ago that actually vivdly remembered the dream the following day. I don't know for sure where exactly this place is, but I know for certain it is far and I would think a fictional place I've never really been to. The kind of far where you start traveling to go to it bright and early in the morning and arrive this this place at dusk.

Now thinking about it awake, this place is pretty far. I don't remember taking any vehicle, a car or a bus, or a train maybe, to get there. So yeah, I think I walk to there every time I dream  it. I would think it's far cos even in the dream I kinda get tired.

To get to the final destination, which now that I think about it is pretty weird and out of touch with my reality (or so I think, it is a dream after all), I and whoever I was with in the dream, have to go through two different places.

Tuesday Thoughts. Wednesday Thoughts.

I wanna give you a good case why we have to be together. And to do that, a part of me is tempted to say, I won't break your heart. That with me, you won't hurt again. But I can't, because I don't know that. But if anything, I think we're gonna be good together. That I'll go out on a limb and say because oddly, a large part me actually, honestly believes that. I think I'll be good for you and yes, I think you'll be good for me, too. I don't know what it is with you, I can't put a finger on it, but whatever it is feels right. So um, grand tapestry, thoughts?

I believe my story has been written. If by any chance, you're part of it, you know to play something more than the part you now are playing, I know things will fall into place. So in the meantime, I'll pause the pining. I'll sit it out and wait to be surprised. And yes, I'll put the over thinking into pause, too.

And then again, if this is the most you'll be in my book, just a bit player, I'll just bookmark your page as a favorite. See you on the other side of this query.
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