Thursday, September 16, 2010

Belated Glee Love

I can now finally join the hordes of teens, tweens, and adults with undying show choir dreams as they eagerly await Glee Season 2! Yes, I spent my Wednesday night trying very hard to hold back tears (and failing terribly) over the  first Glee season finale :p And just right on time, a few days before the season two premier, I finally finally finished all 22 episodes!

My new loves!
(I know, I know a little late. But right on time for S2! :p)

On the 2009 Fall Season TV, I discovered Modern Family and Cougar Town. Two sleeper hits that only really got groove audience-wise around the tail end of the season . Awesome shows I should say and adding to the rest of my TV list, makes for pretty long hours spent watching TV. Then there was Glee, which everyone was raving about, which had all kinds of people calling themselves Gleeks, and which initially had me going ~eh.

Around June, right about when all my shows started with the season finales, there suddenly was nothing to watch. My average 2-shows-a-night are all on break until September. No Chuck, no How I Met Your Mother, no One Tree Hill, no Modern Family, no Cougar Town, no Big Bang. Let's not even get to  Accidentally on Purpose getting canned just after season 1. It's a sad day for TV.

Look at the pretty face.
Also kind of why I started watching :p
Matt Morrison everybody :)

Until I found my Glee backlog. I started with one ep. And then 4 eps. I thought it was a pretty good show but I never got around to seriously taking time to watch it -- until last week. I finally got the groove of the show and I began to seriously love (invest 'emotions' on my new 'friends'. haha) the show. And at some point in the season, it may have fueled some secret desire to part of show choir. And then yeah, the Wednesday crying happened over the season finale. Now I can say it too, I love Glee :)

Quinn (Dianna Agron) who I originally disliked eventually grew on me. Finn (Cory Monteith) who used to be cute-now-and-then-not-cute-anymore I now find adorable. Puck's (Mark Salling) always been hot. Heee. Rachel (Lea Michelle) I've always been in awe of even if I've always thought she was annoying. And Kurt Hummel (Chris Colfer) around halfway through the season, eventually became my favorite. I think I grew to love his character because his life has so much unhappiness. He goes through so much but then he struggles to look for his happiness in the middle of all the loneliness. (homing instinct right there! haha). And the beautiful Mr Schue!

Now we all sit tight and waaait. Bring it season 2!

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