Monday, December 24, 2007

the holidays

I just have a few (non-happy) holiday thoughts. Nope, i don't do it on purpose to coincide the cranky betch on supposedly happy days. It just happens. Blame it on the uh, weather? Haha, labo. Basta. Venting ahead.

Okay, let's start listing. One, the lazy pwet (oh, that's mine, btw) isn't moving. Immobilized by what else, monster P. Two, there's a feasib i have to write and the deadline's looming like monster under a kid's bed. Three, i just want to get out of here. Four, there's no one to call -- i think i badly need them now. Five, i need my rest and i can't have it if everything around me feels too tight and ready to explode. Six, menopause is a bitch. Seven, I've been watching a lot American TV series and it makes me wish really hard that talking to adults was just as easy as they do it. am beginning to hate how we do it here. Oh, and eight, little brothers and sisters aren't exactly welcome, but there are times i hate the one-kid household thing.

Random thought, the women of Private Practice have really beautiful and tight arms *envy*. Am loving Private Practice for the hot arms and that cute receptionist. Gahd, Kate Walsh is unbelievably beautiful. And even when she does that weird expression on her face when she acts, she's still amzingly pretty. Still the same Addison, just minus the lovesick and vengeful ex-Missus Derrick Shepherd. Oh, and am loving Cooper Freedman -- the puppy-dog eyes, the secret love and the endearing helplessness, it's sexy :P

Oh yeah, that's what's taking up my all my time -- American TV series. Rach gave me all these series and they're all funnn :) Private Practice, Friends, Gossip Girl -- omg, Dan and Serena aaaa! and whut, it's Nate and Blair uh-gain -- and finally got around to fixing the busted Grey's Anatomy cd :)

Oh and on another random thought, you can't blame people who leave when you keep pushing them away, can you? It sucks when it's such a bad habit you can't shake off. Pushing people away is addicting.

I figure am turning out to be a cranky betch on a regular basis. Not good, not good. I need my happy thought fairy. I hate the way college has turned me into a rational prick. Yes, i still am that messy emotional person but my thinking has changed a lot. No magic for me anymore, and it sucks. I need love. Haha, labo. But on second thought, maybe i do. Dan Humphrey? You coming soon? :P

P.S. (random thought sana lagay ko, but andami na :P) the last time i had the uh, visitor, there was amazingly no PMS. I think the happy thoughts and the secret smiles from that secret had something to do with it. The wit and charm are simply amazing and sometimes it makes me sick when i realize how much i love it. You're too hot, you're distracting. Haha. It kinda sucks how with women, looks are at the bottom of the priority list. It's amazing how we manage to appreciate wit and charm and smarts and personality and let go of that physical ideal. Oh well, You are a lucky plucky :)


  1. we need to find out one your next "month" if the Chinese medicine works!!!!

  2. Kri? i looked up the blog signed, last update July 2001? :P So you found this secret thing, Haha.


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