Friday, December 07, 2007


Haven't read anything for this sem yet. The closest i got to reading was browsing through the (pathetic) Business Comm readings. I don't take down notes in class. First, it was because I lost my black Pilot retractable. And then when i finally got hold of a new black Pilot retractable, I dont bring my notebooks to class because um, they're heavy. Or that the bag am bringing for that day has enough space only for the planner, alcogel, tissue, and that tube of liquid I put in my hair.

Oyeh, this coming from a kid who's supposed to be graduating in four months time. Ask me what I do and I tell you this -- I sit on the computer at home, that's the lappy plugged to the internet cable, with my limewire window open. And then I type up all these songs they made when I wasnt even born yet. And then I wait with my googly eyes til the darn thing finishes to download. And then when it's done, I find more things to type up and wait for. And because (I act like) I have all the idle time in the world, I open the window to this page that (makes me really happy but) eats up all my time. And then I sort my pictures and then I put them in this webbie that eats up all the meager time I have left, which should've been for studying really.


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