Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Musings of the Pensive Kid

The Headache
It's been a number of mornings that I wake up with a bad headache. The kind that makes you wish for sleep to come again. Although it's not as bad as real migraines are , it's bad enough to piss you off so early in the morning. But then again, before I start getting ticked off and then ruining my day in the process, I remind myself it is not without cause. I have been sleeping at obscene hours as of late. When you think about it, is not acceptable, considering that it still is actually school season. So me acting like a wasted kid in the middle of sembreak is a big, fat N-O. no no.

The Massage --nope, not the sleazy ones, the ones who sends girls in scrubs to your house
I got a massage saturday night. I was really looking forward to it because i have weird stuff growing on my back. Kidding. My shoulders were getting really stiff, it kinda gets freaky. Mum says its from stress and too much time on the computer. Its beginning to hurt so i get the help of a masseuse. I thought it would help. Now am sore all over. The "lamig" ate masseuse calls it is gone -- now its 'sakit". Dude, my back hurts like crazy. I cant lean back on solid surfaces, cos it freakin hurts. Okay, i am grateful my mum paid for it. But that's about what am thankful for.

I am currently hung up on 60's music. My music folder is loaded with I Dont Know How Many Beatles songs. Well, for one i am tryin got make my dad happy from all the cd's ive been showering him with all these bob-your-head tunes. Its weird, its fun. the music's happy, and so am I -- huh, labo. Anyhoo, am weirdly liking it. Like, my lss's are from the 60's now.

The Messy Hair -- this time not mine
It's haunting me. Its weird cos I get the 2d images in my um, dreams. Maybe thats the sign that this thing is twisted. The 2d says it all, not healthy.

Thank You
Thank you for making me smile. That one goes out to my cryptic you. Its been a while since I last went to bed with a grin. The funny quips are a hit with me, keep 'em coming cos I'll be needing the laughs :)

Get Your Pwet of that Chair. I need to shut up you know. Am talking er, typing too much. Like I said, theres so much to do but so little resovle to actually start working. Boo procrastination.

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