Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Unannounced semi-hiatus over -- ooh, and Happy New Year! :)

It's been (checks date of last post...) two whole months since I last wrote. And as you would have guessed me say, a lot has happened since. I figured I haven't written anything about "work" formally, just snippets of car shows and pretty much teenager rants about little inconveniences (because I'm whiny like that). Hehe.

And now, the year is coming to an end, like literally. As I type, it's roughly an hour and twenty minutes to twelve midnight -- pretty much a blog entry away from the new year. I'm never really sentimental about things like the new year, but I'd like to give special shoutouts to the year that was 2008. It's a pretty big year for me. This year was the year I got out of college, got thrown into the "real world", got a job, and then another job, throw in a number of family drama, more friendship melodrama, and a lot of conversations inside my head about neverending "issues". More of that in a later post.

This coming year, I will be making resolutions, a first ever in my 21-year old life. It's only 3 simple things which I seriously think will make my life immensely happier and more satisfying. One, be more grateful. I think gratitude was sorely missed in my vocabulary this year. This wasn't an easy year, but I won't make any excuses for not seeing the good things. So yes, next year I'd like to hear more "thank you's" from myself. Two, quit not liking people from mere prejudice. Give new people a chance to prove themselves worthy -- of affection or hatred. Hehe. Because come on, it's a little too stressful pressuring yourself to like someone when the person has given you enough reason to not like him/her. But yeah, back to the thought of Resolution #2, quit the prejudice on the superficial. There's too much negativity around already, why bother adding to it with useless, and oftentimes pointless, ill will towards others. And three, be more decisive. This was the year that showed me that the grownup life requires a lot of decisions that often don't give you much thinking time. I'll add "make smart decisions and have the balls to take risks" to Resolution #3.

Remind me of this list 2 months into the new year :)

BTW, 2 exciting things from the past 2 weeks: Baguio Christmas with the family and EK with high school classmates. I'll post a photoblog for both.

If anyone's reading, Happy New Year! Have a good one :)
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