Thursday, August 30, 2007

oddly tired

i oddly feel tired. i think -- and then i figure i havent been doing a lot of things as of late.

*i digress -- i see there's this video tool on my blogger toolbar now :) has it been there long OR was i just not observant enough?*

anyhoo, going back, i look back to two weeks ago, and figure ive been whiling time away, feeling tired and not really getting things done. i had two weeks in a row of unbelievable 5-day-weekends and they were all a blur with snippets of Desperate Housewives and all those jellobrain movies i caught. i write this as i cram my group contribution for the brand framework homework for tomorrow, together with my bakery brand framework -- which i, by the way havent done anything for. its just gotten so baad. monster P, i stomp on you -- sabi nga ni April.

maybe i feel tired now because after all, i helped Mother Earth get better by picking up twenimilyen candy wrappers at the lagoon earlier this afternoon. itsa Haribon thing which Writer's signed up for. by the way, we got a number of used condoms, a pantyliner and our first realfirst "basura"? a porn cd with a topless woman showing her nips for the world to see. and i thought lagoon stories were sleazy jokes.

we were the last ones to do the rounds and we so we got the really difficult area. this thing spans from the back of the admin building to the front of the main lib. wow, thatsalotta stamina, thankyouverymuch. and erm, bad smelling shirts from all the pawis and the basura, ick please quit any visual images you might have conjured. and and.. all soft mud in my brown rubber tsinelas. wow.

i have happy entries really, am just really busy being tired.

P.S. i shall write about that escapade with markie and sweet when... um, am not so tired anymore.

P.P.S. me watching live tomorrow at the Araneta :) and and... i have three new favorite letters and three new favorite numbers. my letters are x and j and w, in no particular order. and my new favorite numbers are 8 and 9 and 7 :) go figure. haha *wink wink*

Sunday, August 19, 2007

the rain does things

because i find ways to NOT do homework, i come up with very creative ideas to work on. like this thing i did two nights ago -- this is me imitating myself in a conversation with someone i really like. tehee :) sorreh, i have bad schitzo tendencies like these.

[/edit]: itsa sunday morning, and am online at ten. wow, am getting better at self-control and discipline. NOT. i always say ill be on for ten minutes -- only. but i end up staying three hours. rawr, this is just so wrong. i edit this post instead of making a new one, int he hopes that i wont babble (which is exactly what am doing now, oyeh) to fill up space and not feel bad about a short post. okay, so much for defeated purposes.
anyhoo, the reason for this entire thing really is -- how twisted i think i am for doing... erm, what i do. two days back, something totally stupid happened, and for the life of me, i just cant do anything to make my lot a wee bit better. so i i'd have to settle for status quo because anyting i get to think of at this moment (and well, the past few days) will only make (and i say this with soo much certainty -- take it from me, i just so know this)things worse, and believe me when i say that. no, this is not some life-altering whatever, it's just me and the hormones and what happens when am on such an estrogen high because of the rain.
iw as squirming in my seat the other day when i just found out what the heck i did/ hapened. but then i catch myself going in and out of this "thing" to see if what happened really happened. and gahd, for the pathetic life of me, i actually enjoy seeing what i see. i cross my fingers and hope that that thing stays there. one more "view" and that thing's out. and i think thas sad. so yeah, you can so tell am loathing-liking this entire thing i got myself into. oyeh, loser hits :)
and with that, i have to pick my arm up, force it click the x buttons on all the windows, click the Start and shut this deym thing off -- atleast ideally. oohm. self-control. oohm. discipline. ooohm. whatever. *that was me chanting* sorreh. if this thing feaks you out, click the x button, immediately!
au revoir!

Saturday, August 18, 2007


it's been the same since Wednesday -- wake up at 8.30a, Morning Rush til 9a, very slow breakfast, Desperate Housewives at 10a, and then the rest of the day becomes a blur from 11. i haven't even studied for any of my exams. stalling's so inviting. here are different versions of my stalling :D


You scored as English/Journalism/Comm, You should strongly consider majoring (or minoring) in Communication, English, Film, Journalism, Literature, or Writing.

It is possible that the best major for you is your 2nd, 3rd, or even 5th listed category, so be sure to consider ALL majors in your OTHER high scoring categories (below). You may score high in a category you didnt think you would--it is possible that a great major for you is something you once dismissed as not for you. The right major for you will be something 1) you love and enjoy and 2) are really great at it. Consider adding a minor or double majoring to make yourself standout and to combine your interests.





























created with

um, what exactly am i doing in BA?


because one's never enough:

katC --


Visually addictive

'How will you be defined in the dictionary?' at

take that! :)


the other night, i was laughing my head off reading from my red journal. it was a post from six months ago, and you can so tell i was just a shitty emotional mess. on a happy note, i thought there was wit in the midst of my turmoil, haha :D because things are over and done with, and i thought I'd bring more laughs to anyone who'd happen to come by this thing, here dig in :)

"... Now, getting back to real life, i have issues. Apparently, they did not disappear in the past year but lay dormant in the dark recesses of my brain. and now they're surfacing. I've been kinda okay about staying single and fuss-free. i was -- until recently.

i kinda miss having someone visit me in the house. i miss having someone travel all the way to here to see me. i miss surprises on my birthday, love letters and for calls for sweet nothings. i miss having to say i love you, fighting and making up (out, haha : P not) and thinking about that one who's thinking about you, too. i miss cuddling, i miss senseless kwento, company at the mall and a general bring-along-anywhere hottie :)

i miss not caring if friends don't want to go out with you. i miss only caring about just that one person who'll go out on v. short notice. i miss having someone to tell the senseless details o my life -- i don't even have to write them in a journal. i miss the constancy of that on person"

oyeh, i have more of this in the red journal, but i guess that's it for public consumption :D


i was so shaking. like the ew kind of shaking -- i was tensed, embarrassed, flustered and helpless. and now that i think about it, i must've looked really funny. hay, Thursday what now. i still am thinking until now. how could that have happened when i am so fcuking sure that i check all the freakintime. and no, whoever came up with the idea (ooh, kat it's you, and mark, and mahal) that it was checking out the other way around, you are so wrong. think, thepartypooper is sucha "creative" name, something someone (i.e., stalker) wouldn't get to come up with. this is me acting out my "girl version" -- over analysis, rationalizing to no end, making a fuss out of everything :) you know how some things are irritating they're entertaining?

it's the rain -- it just does something to me :)

Thursday, August 16, 2007


yey again to whatever UP has to disrupt the normal classes. ACLE on thurs and i guess it has, somehow, something to do with the 175 postponement. whatever. atleast i get to take it easy tonight and not force myself to take in threefreakinhundred pages of global marketing. weeeee! :) exam's next thursday, maybe i can study like one chapter a day so it doesnt get too overwhelming. butstill, tomorrow's the geog exam and were supposed to draw the map -- on a BLANK bond paper. ftw. am supposed to read two chapters and memorize the freakin boundaries. hay.

here's to giving in to monster P. me and stalling. haha. i got this thing from multiply. ten things for ten people. sounds fun. shyeah, lets stall studying for sea30 :)
  1. i have unlearned you. it was probably naivette talking at that time, but yeah, this works better for me.
  2. i am appalled at the person i am seeing now. and i thought things were going really well. apparently, that was just me.
  3. i miss having someone like you around, but yes i've come to terms with many things. am finally growing up, you'll be proud of me :)
  4. am happy at the way things are going with us, i just wish you'd let me know you more. you dont always have to appear put together and perfect because i will understand you. i wont fault you for being imperfect because everyone is.
  5. um, what's with the look? dont be shy am not as strong as i appear to be :P id appreciate it if you'd quit looking and start talking :)
  6. so, what exaclty do you think of me now? thanks a lot to technology, now i cant look you in the eye anymore. i wish i knew how to quit you :) *naks. just wanted to use the last part. itso ditzy, i love eet*
  7. thank you for being the kind of friend that you are. i never thought i'd learn to like you enough to be freinds :) but yeah, the more i get to know you, the more i am reminded that life shouldnt be about prejudice. thank you.
  8. thanks for never forgetting, ill forever love you for that. but i hope you learn that life's not all a party, there's dirty work to be done, and youth as an excuse expires when you hit 25. but still, i love you and i hope you do better :)
  9. youre difficult, youre strong and you tell me things i dont want to hear. youre the only one that can make me hate you so much i cringe when i see you, but youre also the only person i can love with such a passion. thank you for standing by me :)
  10. i wish i could stay longer :)

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

the college kid, poetry and checking you out

happy birthday to my Dad :D cheers to my favorite golden boy, weeee! i love you Dad :)


hoorray to proscrastination :D *not that itsa good thing in itself* but today, all my wishing paid off -- the SEA30 exam and the 175 midterms moved to thursday :) weeeeee!

*thinks again* and i just realized it got put off, but am still taking it in two days time. howell, whoever said you can have your cake and eat it, too. *there goes my cliche quota fulfilled for the day :)*


i seriously think my SEA30 teacher was wearing eye liner earlier. waw, watta way to start my day, Sir. thanks. okay, with that out of the way, lets go. when i came to class, that one was looking. before i sat down, that one was looking.when i turned back, that one was looking. and then before that one left, he looked my way as if to telepathy the bye (erm, that was just meee :P). now am still thinking whether that one gave me that look. i need like two more days to check to see. rawr, i make it sound like rocket science this entire checking out thing. yesyes, i do have a life, i just get a kick outta this. gimme this one :)

had lunch with Ming earlier and laughed our heads off talking about my person she calls, "not so true love". iiick we know, we get it. weve made a long list of our cast of characters following this iick theme. dig in: (1) si Asian teddy bear athletic classmate -- it used to have the words chinese and basketball until we figured it was such a giveaway. and then the bear series (2) grizzly athletic bear -- who is not a classmate and managed to get into our conversation and (2) the cute and cuddly koala athletic bear classamte, who i, btw, love to bitsss :)

[/edit] today caught me staring like crazy (cuh-rey-zeeeh for the effect). i was in such a "good" position that i can look without getting caught (or so i think, says friendcess -- and uh, this is soo gradeschool, but am liking it :P). he was effortlessly adorable. and um, cute. and um, really endearing to look at --- erm, wrong, sounded so mommy. but really, it was fun looking and trying not to get caught. haha. and then i got caught - just once, and friendcess says if he caught me looking, then he must be looking, too (iick. eew. aaack. sorreh). haha, this is getting too detailed it's making me gag. but yeah, he isnt really beautifulbeautiful but hes fun to look at. and that disarming stare. and he looks clean. maybe hes mabango, too. iiick, may perv factor na yun sorreh. yeah, you can tell i like him :)


this afternoon was WC reading session. we read two poems which were brilliant in their own rights. "Father", the free verse with the "enjamb"-ed parts, and the Jorie Graham "I was Taught Three" which sent us spinning. and well, feeling like very small, uncapable writers. haha. the entire thing was fun. Moral of the entire thing: read more, and uh, according to me, reading with other people around reading with you is way fun-ner and more exciting.

uhm, why do i get the feeling that i write better in the wee hours of the morning? i liked my previous entry better thatn this, uh, very gradeschool diary-sounding thing i am publising... NOW.


[/edit. uh, yes again]
i found Pon and Zi in the internet the other day :) i just need some show and tell space :)

arent they the cutest? :) i love the "this is how you make my tummy feel". my that one still doesnt make me feel that. um, you, where exactly are you? :) haha.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

i SHOULD be sleeping now

i have two exams on Monday. i have SEA30 final exam for the geography part which basically covers half an inch of copyright infringement. and then there's 175 midterms which covers 7 chapters, which i dont have to describe visually cos the 7 chapters speak for itself.

and then am here, at 1am on a Sunday morning sharing my very random thoughts for the whole world wide web (wwww) to see. rawr. havent read a single thing for my monday things. i should be scared.

i've been busy, yanow. my head's throbbing. i think it's from too much time on the monitor. but shyeah, i cant pluck myself outta here. baaaad.

i realize i like this one a lot more than i care to admit. sounded every bit ditzy. if in case anyone's thinking this is a very subtle hint of a love life on my part, i send this disclaimer out and give you a big, fat, plump on the sides N-O. it is not. this is more of a, like, grade school fan fancy. take it from two posts back -- fan girl.

this is why i think broadband HAS been a bad thing. even before i got into this, ive been staying on the pc for more than i have to. and then this. you can just imagine how many precious hours i spend here now, clicking away random, non-value adding clickables. pft.

ive figured myself how this is very bad for any social life. the researching part is good for getting to know companies you target as potential employers, or maybe research on some hotshot celebrity you have to interview for a hotshot talk show you have going under our belt. but not exactly the healthiest thing when the researching is targeted toward a random hapless (erm, not really) classmate. not value-adding (to any social life, or maybe life in general, iiick) at all. what value do you get from knowing random classmate (RC from hereon) likes to wear green shirts and sleeps in the folks' room until now? nothing much, except that you feel really bad for knowing this from some random corner of the web, rather than from RC himself. but shyeah, like the way you look at your reflection on all shiny surfaces (i.e., car windows, fast food glass windows, among other kinds of windows), however tacky you know doing it looks like, you just can't help it. you look at your reflection and check yourself out -- all the freakintime.

and just when i was about to close my windows (no, not the shiny ones but the ones on your computer), i find out i actually am one click away from the real reason why i spent the last few nights googling my way to some semblance of relationship (albeit twisted and one-sided) with my RC. of course i click. and all my eye bags amount to a handful of fotos. and even with all my shit, i have to gall to say i only like RC a little. oyeh, i have pride issues :D


i DONT like it when i start thinking about whether someone is giving me that look. cos when i do, i get too keen on checking out whether that look is really that look. and even if i get to find out that the look isnt that look, i start giving that one that look. itso weird but i cant help it. and that's me wishing that the look i thought to be that look really turns out to be that look. so please, if it isnt that look, please dont look at me -- love, person with a lot of (made up) self esteem issues. aaack. i dont have to make sense its 1 in thefreakinmorning.

am sleeping NOW. yes now. erm, taking a bath first. and then sleeping. NOW.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

happy 100th post :)

this is the 100th post for this blog :D yey!

i've stopped writing on my other blogs, one reason for each of them. am closing in on one year for my blogspot :) first year is on november :)

here's to my favorite ranting audience :D


lazy day today. the rain so makes everything look cozy and warm inside the house, you dont want to leave :) almost everyone i know hates the rain. i hate it, too when am out and have to elbow my way home for a ride. but when am at home and can enjoy the cozy comfort of my bed and the house and the food, i love the rain :) there's something odd about the rain that makes things look clean. i love it that i feel like everything's so movie-like. theres something uncanny about my house's ambience. must be the cold weather :)

i'd be happier if i get to drive around in the nighttime. that's like my ultimate happiness. there's something very romantic about the rain, and i love the feeling it gives me :)


i was supposed to write yesterday when i got home. i felt really tired though, i decided against it and went to sleep -- i even forgot to take a bath. iiick.

i was soaking wet when i came home yesterday. err, not really. it was more like the hems of my pants, the ribbon at the back of my top, my sweater and the edges of everything i was wearing last night. yesterday was a tiiiring day.

the most surprising revelation of yesterday was when after our 198 report, all other groups said, "we commend your group for being really organized". haha, we were all like, seriously. but really, even ma'am said she like the way we organized our report on France and that it made sense. imagine my sigh of relief when i heard that.

i wasn't really expecting much from this report. if at all, the most i was hoping for was that we dont look like doofuses in front. you can tell i put my hopes down -- dooown there. two minutes before our report started, we were still editing our powerpoint. wasak kame lahat, and the report was sabog. and no, am not gloating about the outcome, nor am i fishing. we were seriously doubting the possibility that our report on France would come out decent at the least.

i think we had too much information, and we were at at loss at how to organize it. ma'am was looking for this specific framework to guide our report -- it was difficult for us cos we couldnt get a good grasp of the thing. the way things worked in our minds was the reverse of the framework she required. you can imagine our confusion. we then settled for her framework, crossing our fingers we got what she wanted right.

we only got to crafting our outline the night before the report. imagine, we've meeting for the past two weeks before the report and nothing was coming out. yes, we had grand ideas about feeding the class with Delifrance bread and sharing a bottle of wine to make the report look glamorous and all, but that was it. we even had ideas about expounding using the french win making process, only to be stumped later when we found out it was a futile attempt. i felt so lost, i let go of all my hopes of a smashing report.

then came 198 and i was a self appointed emcee. it was a last resort thing to make our report look the least bit organized, and to my surprise, it did make us look very much in control. while i was doing my thing (my part was the value of love for country) ma'am kept nodding in agreement. i couldn't contain my excitement because the approval was coming from someone who lived in France for at least 3 months. that's long enough to observed the ways of the nasal people.

the best part was (at least for me), we were given the benefit of answering comments and questions thrown at us after the report. we finished pretty early and there was time left for clarification. i will forever love ma'am for allowing our group to say our piece on the reactions of our classmates on what they said were loopholes and things lacking from our report. imagine my happiness when were able to keep our report afloat even after everyone gave it their blows. and my, what made the thing reeeally really hot, was when everyone harped on the fact(?) that it was such an organized report and that we had a good grasp of France :) someone even said he wanted to go to France after seeing what we did for the report. weeee! :)

and yes, the success of the report also wouldn't have been if not for the plus factor of the wine, thanks Justin -- albeit on cheap paper cups, but still thanks Daren. also, to Diane who turned in really useful research which made us all look like we knew our stuff, thank you thank you.

and and.. how can i forget my girls :) thank you for making this a fun experience :) yes, we had time when we wanted to pull our hair for the the bad rep the men gave ( the ADD kid who trumped my ADD, and that boy who made us feel like he knew his stuff only to stage a bad case of oral diarrhea in front) we did it. here's to more fabulous reports, alcohol for both of you (and maybe for me too -- with my Dad nga lang :P), hot clothes for costume (oyeh, another time around for Friencess' black and white striped top), having a grand time, and ranting sessions over oily KFC dinner :D i'll look forward to our movie date plus sleepover. eto overboard na but lemme have this one --i love my girls :D (ayan ha, indirect na, baka kase hindi nyo na ko lapitan if i actually said i love you :P haha)

to my avid readers Rach and Friencess, this post's for youuu :) huwaw, parang dj, may dedication. haha. school's fun-er with both you guys around. my love goes out to both of youuuu :) we shall make more grand reports together. bwahaha, take that Mozambique!


as if the estrogen from the 198 report wasnt enough, we had more girl power up our sleeves. haha. dinner last night was at Shakey's. it was pizza, laughter and a million and two rants. thanks Gia, Kat, Freindcess, and Rach for the grand time :)

and as if i wasnt happy enough, there was reeally cute, disarmingly adorable little three-year old boy behind me that couldnt get enough of peek-a-boo. he was really white, with brown hair and reeaally long lashes, i had to fight the urge to grab him and hug him. lucky mom :) and we overheard his name was Angelo :)

just when i was about to say little babies have lost their charm for me, this litel angel shows up and makes me weak in the knees. hes sooo cute, he makes you go awww :)


on a bum note, because i have so much idle time in my hands, i finally get to Simpsonize meeee :) i have yet to watch the film though. here's my dose of Springfield for now :)

i dont think it looks like me. for one, i have a prety prominent baba. apparently, the yellow creatures lack this anatomical part. so, for that lumiit na ang chances of this creature resembling me at the least. this my my nth attempt, and i just wanted to paste this on my blog. kaya eto.


random sidebar lang: i dont think i will ever get it what it is with men who pretend to reeaally know when in fact they only have a slight idea. grow up. it takes more of a man to admit you have some learning to do. isa pa, dont you think it's more embarrassing (and emasculating, whatever that means to you) when people, who have created grand expectations of you, find out you were bluffing the entire time. iick. that's all i have for you. and yes, now i officially dislike you. (err, even if i actually like conversing with you because i think youre smart)

Saturday, August 04, 2007

because i think am writing again :)

today's the day i think writing came back :)

i was into poetry when i was nine. i even sent my work to the then Junior Inquirer, and got a cap for my published poem. i wrote a lot of poetry then cos i headed the school paper and yeah, that grandstand-er in me wnated more paper space, so i wrote poetry. but since high school, i've stopped. it just din't make sense to me -- the whining through ryhyming became tedious and i became a child of the prose. it was prose for me since then.

and then today. not in my imagination did i think i'd get to write poetry in my tags. but i just did :D and yeah, thanks to you for this.

so yeah, this is me dabbling in poetry again -- after eons. nothing fancy. my first in a reeally long time. bear with the comebacking poet/pwet. haha.


Fan girl

You were okay
You weren’t too beautiful
You weren’t bad looking at all
Definitely not
You were short, which was bad
Since I dig tall men
But you kept me glued

There was something about you
That was mysterious
You were interesting
You had that weird flair
That seemed to call on to me
That look,
It was telling me that you were someone
More than I think you are

And that
It was that conversation
And it wasn’t even ours
I was meant to hear it
It was for everyone
And you just wowed me
Without even trying

It was that fire
It was within you
I knew everyone felt that
It was the passion
It was so thick
I could touch it

I knew since day one I’d like you
You feel different
You were quiet, and alone
And unlike them
You didn’t invite attention to yourself
And I like that
It was probably that

and you got me hooked
And I didn’t even notice :)

of poems and stolen pieces

i saw this back last month in Jake's multiply, and i just thought he was nothing short of a lit genius. ooh, and he takes really nice fotos, too :)

ang galing. that i was i could muster.

i like you just because
by Jake

I like you.
And I know why.
I like you because when I tell you something special
You know it’s special
And you remember it
A long, long time.
You say,
“Remember when you told me something special?”
And we both remember.

I like you because
You don’t pretend to listen, when you don’t want to listen
But sometimes you do.
That’s because I need an ear.
So you keep nodding in agreement as if you understood every single word I just said
And we both end up knowing that you didn’t get a thing.

I like you because
You pay for your own fare and I pay for mine.
You don’t pretend to take out your coin purse and wait for me to say something…
(3...2...1...Zero.No? Nothing? Nothing at all?)

When I think something is important,
You think it’s important too.
When I think something is ridiculous,
You think it’s ridiculous too.
When I say something funny, you laugh.
I think I’m funny. You think I’m funny too.

I like you because
You know where I’m ticklish and you don’t tickle me there.
Except just a tiny bit. . .

You know how to be silly.
That’s why I like you. You’re silly.
I like you because you know when it’s time to stop being silly. Maybe day after tomorrow.
Maybe never.
Oops! Too late!
It’s quarter past silly.

I like you because
You laugh at yourself, and you don’t mind if I laugh at you
If somebody makes a complete fool of himself in front of us
We don’t have to say a word…
We become two giant Thought Bubbles—

Mine says: Are you seeing this?
Yours says: You bet I am.
Our Thought Bubbles go together so well we could be a comic strip.

When we eat out
You know I’d love to have that last French Fry.
Hiding at the bottom of the carton
Its head peeking through the corner
I like you because you just let it be
Though I know you’re dying to have it too.

That’s because you really like me
You really like me, don’t you?
You like me. And I like you back. And that’s the way we keep going.
And going.

When I am feeling sad
You don’t come comforting me right away
You just sit there.
Sometimes it’s better to be sad
You can’t stand others being so happy
Every single moment.
Like they were acting out a Brady Bunch scene.
You want to know things. It takes time.
You want to feel a tear caressing your face.

I like you because
If I am mad at you
Then you get mad at me too.
It’s awful when the other person isn’t.
They are just so nice and so hoo-ha you could just punch them in the nose
And get away with it.
I like you a lots because of that.

I like you because
When you pass gas
I don’t have to pretend I'm busy
Looking outside the window and all that
I say something like: "Maybe you should stay away from camote for a while"
And you say: "Maybe."

If I fail, and if you fail too,
Then it is lots of fun to fail.
We both are sorry.
We eat ice cream.
We splurge.
We binge.
We tell everybody exactly what we did and they wish they failed too.

I like you because
When you come up with a great paper
Or a great logline
Or a great idea,
You don’t come up to me and say
“Oh, this suckkks. What do you think?”
No, you don’t. You shove it to my face and you say: I’m a God.
Which you are not.

I like you because—I don’t know why—but—
Everything that happens is nicer, with you.
I like you because…because…because…
It’s December 25
On November 25

And if you and I had some drums
And some horns and trumpets and cheap firecrackers
We could be a holiday
We could be a celebration
We could be a whole parade.
See what I mean?
Even if it was the nine hundredth and ninety-ninth of July
Even if it was August
Even if it was way down at the bottom of November
Even if it was no place in particular in January
I would go on choosing you
And you would go on choosing me
Over and over
That’s how it would happen every time.
I don’t know why.

I like you.

and now am tired. i copy/pasted this entire thing, line by line. yess. hurts in the eyes. but yeah, reading it again will make up for it :)

i wish i'd come off this poetic. hay. hats off to Jake :)


and yeah, maybe it wouldn't hurt to get to find that one i could tell, hey look someone wrote about us :)

free-days are good days :D

friday free day :) weee!

i was dreading this day so much since wednesday cos i have two big things due today. one's the comparative paper on the three 105 speak ups (it kinda sounds like an intellectual paper, but actualy reaction paper lang yan) and the big presentation for cross-cultural. the paper, i can handle. onting puyat lang naman yun keri na. but the presentation, hohum. we've been trying to make sense of the French presentation but we just couldn't make it work. weird kase yung mga gusto ni ma'am and err.. maybe hindi pa talaga kame nakareserach.

so it was a reeaally good thing the SK reg had to do this whole day off for everyone. weee! thanks Malacanang :)


am loving BA now :) and it's more than the school-spirit kind of love (after Stratmark and Bacbacan this Satruday). it started with 177 yesterday morning. the discussions are making sense and they make me think. and i got that "excelleeeennntt idea" approval from sir. yes, enough to make anyone's day (or maybe even week) sunshine-y :D and then for 175, as if my hapy fix wasn't enough, we get a "this class has taken case discussion to a whole new level" from ma'am Tubianosa :) weee!

** *

as if in serendipity, i was making my out of BA when i spot Neng from the other side of the street. she was pointing at me and then immediately crossed and went to me. we just went to econ and then went home. it was riotous. we were just laughing, and oyeh i still miss you Neng :) and and.. thanks for the libre :D

she was telling about my happy aura and how it doesnt seem superficial. about how i look reeally happy :) i must be, well yeah even after that bad bout with PMS, i think about it and am actually really okay. thanks Neng for reminding that i AM happy :)
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