Saturday, August 04, 2007

free-days are good days :D

friday free day :) weee!

i was dreading this day so much since wednesday cos i have two big things due today. one's the comparative paper on the three 105 speak ups (it kinda sounds like an intellectual paper, but actualy reaction paper lang yan) and the big presentation for cross-cultural. the paper, i can handle. onting puyat lang naman yun keri na. but the presentation, hohum. we've been trying to make sense of the French presentation but we just couldn't make it work. weird kase yung mga gusto ni ma'am and err.. maybe hindi pa talaga kame nakareserach.

so it was a reeaally good thing the SK reg had to do this whole day off for everyone. weee! thanks Malacanang :)


am loving BA now :) and it's more than the school-spirit kind of love (after Stratmark and Bacbacan this Satruday). it started with 177 yesterday morning. the discussions are making sense and they make me think. and i got that "excelleeeennntt idea" approval from sir. yes, enough to make anyone's day (or maybe even week) sunshine-y :D and then for 175, as if my hapy fix wasn't enough, we get a "this class has taken case discussion to a whole new level" from ma'am Tubianosa :) weee!

** *

as if in serendipity, i was making my out of BA when i spot Neng from the other side of the street. she was pointing at me and then immediately crossed and went to me. we just went to econ and then went home. it was riotous. we were just laughing, and oyeh i still miss you Neng :) and and.. thanks for the libre :D

she was telling about my happy aura and how it doesnt seem superficial. about how i look reeally happy :) i must be, well yeah even after that bad bout with PMS, i think about it and am actually really okay. thanks Neng for reminding that i AM happy :)

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