Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Birthday Blogging

Hallo! Wow can't believe the last time I wrote was 5 months ago! Let's do some birthday blog lovin!


I'm turning 27 in a few shakes. (Yay!) And this is the first time in a long time, I think in the past 5 years, that I uh, am feeling feelings about my birthday. The last time I felt "felt feelings" about a birthday was when I turned 23. It felt like a cute official welcome to adulthood. I felt old enough to be making my own decisions but young enough for my mistakes to be adorable.

Old, but I'm not that old
Young, but I'm not that bold
- Counting Stars, OneRepublic

Turning 27 just feels so uh, real life adult. (Haha, sorry I don't know if that makes sense to people other than me.) It feels like being told, 'welcome to your late twenties. Whatever you do today will have lasting repercussions on your life. Try not fxck up too much.' I feel like horses are running all over my chest from the mounting pressure - pressure to clean up, pressure to be married and have children, pressure to at least be dating, pressure to be a functioning, contributing member of society, pressure to be 'made.'

(Uh-oh, this post is getting a wee bit too honest, it's kinda scurryy. Hahaha.)

But I feel excited, too. 27 feels far enough from the crippling self-doubt from all my teenage years. I think I won't be alone in saying that your late twenties also brings a happy sense of certainty about yourself. You are more comfortable in your own skin and have a better idea of what will make you happy. I see many good things cominggg.

Hello 27. Let's make it great.


P.S. Just to send it out to the universe, yes I want Enrique for my birthday.
xx Kat Cruz

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